in wonderland

These are the pictures we took in the botanical garden. It was the first time we went there and it was great! So you can expect more photos taken there in the future 😉


Mix those flowers

Hi all!

Today we tried mixing some different styles into one. An edgy yet romantic dress combined with all stars and a sweet pastel outfit combined with indian accessories like a beaded necklace. Do you like these combinations?

Also, Please vote for us in Chictopia’s spring bloom contest!

What’s up for spring 2012?

We expect to be seeing a lot of different styles, colors and shapes this spring. But when it comes down to us, we believe this spring stands for pastel: light pink, minty green and ivory white. Our spring style is cheerful and perfect for strong, confident yet very feminine young women. Also, we think flats are going to take over from high heels, and vintage 50’s and 60’s clothes are absolutely hip and unique! As seen before in history, perhaps we will recover from the economical crisis through second hand, happy colored clothes. It’s not only economical, but also ecological! And isn’t stat what 2012 stands for?

If you like our spring style, please vote for us on chictopia and give feedback!!
Spring hug,

Tall and tiny

Quick school break!

Wonderful weather today, AGAIN! Can’t say we mind. =) Alas, we had school today, but fortunately our calligraphy teacher was nice enough to let us work outside in the sun! In between two hours of class, we quickly took two pictures.

And don’t forget to check our first (cover)song on youtube!


Hello all! Because of copyright issues we can’t upload our own songs yet, but we can show you our Britney Spears cover! Hope you all like it. =)

Pants day

Today we both wore pants, maybe that seems pretty usual to you but jade (tiny) rarely wears pants! Anyway, looks good doesn’t it? And ofcourse, great weather again!

Back to the sixties

Today we both felt like going back into the 60’s. Elvi went for the twiggy look, and Jade took on the hippie style. We also went shopping for jeans and scroll down to see what Elvi’s pants would like like on Jade’s legs. A bit to long, don’t you think? The weather forecast predicts amazing weather so there’ll be some more nice pictures coming up soon!