First photoshoot

We had our first professional photoshoot today, with photographer Wim Knapen. We did it in a gipsy style set in a hitchhike theme. You like it?

If interested, you can click here to see the photographer’s website.


2 Comments on “First photoshoot”

  1. Laura says:

    I like it aaaahaaaa!

  2. […] THIS is the link to our first professional photo, taken by Wim Knapen (check out his website HERE), THIS is the link our post about Antwerp Fashion Night, which was tons of fun, HERE is the link to a funny post about of trying to have an adventurous day at school (didn’t really happen in the end..), THIS is a link to Elvi’s DIY galaxy print boots, which you should definitely try for yourself if you like galaxy prints, and last but not least, HERE you can listen to our most recent song! […]

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