school outfit

Hi everyone! Check out one of our outfits for school this week! You like it?

Mary Poppins

Because it was raining all day Jade went brought her beautiful pink umbrella with her to school.

But when we took these pictures the sun suddenly started shining!

How lovely 🙂

And yes, we are aware of the fact that this is not decently photoshopped, but time was short and who cares anyway!

Attending Liu Yandong’s visit

Yesterday miss Liu Yandong visited our school, and the both of us got to attend! It was interesting to listen to what she has to say, as well as see what clothes she wears, how she greets people, how she poses for a picture.. It tells us a lot about her, as well as the Chinese in general. It was a true cultural lesson! We also got Belgian and Chinese flags to wave around at her, which of course we loved! Also, as you can see, we found particular joy in waving the flags in front of each other’s faces while taking our pictures!


A new picture back together!

Don’t you just love it when friends give you clothes they don’t wear anymore? Our friend Laura gave Jade this beautiful red dress today, as you can see, it looks very pretty on her!

groovy baby yeah!

The last picture from tiny without tall, because on monday we’ll be together again! Today, as you can all see, I went for a sixties look. Do you like it? Because I do! At times like this I really feel like watching the Austin Powers movies, oh behave!!

It’s raining pink

These are a few pictures of my outfit today, it was raining and I almost fell down because the ground was a bit slippery (just look at the 2nd picture 😉 ). Next week Jade and me are back together, so that means a lot of new photos of us together! For now enjoying this last weekend before school starts again!

Geek vs. Romantic

This is a photo we made 2 weeks ago, we just forgot to post it 🙂

Right at this moment the weather is completely different, so please let it be that sunny again!