Paradise bird

Hello y’all! Today we both kind of dressed in a paradise bird theme (unintentionally of course), which means: pastel, lots of colors and lovely fabrics. We took some pictures at school today, because school (unfortunately)  really is the place we spend most of our time at, so we wanted to show you guys that part of our life in our pictures. Maybe we’ll do more school pictures from now on. =) Another interesting add to today’s post is something we learned in our music history class. Apparently Don Juan likes tall women because they are majestic and short women because they are dainty. Maybe we should’ve called the band majestic and dainty instead of tall and tiny? 😉 Also, Jade has had The Beatles’ yellow submarine stuck in her head all week so for our second class she wore a yellow submarine t-shirt. Would the curse be lifted now?


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