The art exhibition

Hello everyone!

We want to share a trip we made with you, in particular our trip to an amazing art exhibition! Jade’s sister (Chloë Van Overmeir) is a photographer and so is her boyfriend (Wim Knapen also known as Kiwi). They form a team together called Chloki (isn’t that adorable?) and have already done a lot of projects together. This one however, was different than the others because they had entered a contest and won, which allowed them to use a really big basement in which they could build their very own set! Jade was asked to model in the picture (which obviously she loves) and the picture turned out really great. However, the exhibition was not just about the picture, you could also go visit the set (which was really creepy and cool) itself! We both went there with Jade’s family, and had a drink afterwards. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go visit the other photographers’ work (because they weren’t the only ones in the exhibition) because we didn’t have enough time!

It was a great experience and we want to congratulate team Chloki on their wonderful work! Click HERE to visit their website. Be sure to check it out, it has some amazing photo’s on it (and Jade is on many of them)!

And last but not least, don’t you think we look like circus freaks from coney island?

And very last but definitely not least! Today is Jade’s cute dog malteke’s 9th birthday! Happy birthday!


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