Cupcakes à la pastel

Hello everyone!

After all the sweating, crying, saying WHY GOD WHY and having our hands in our hair or our faces in our hands until finally, at last, on a beautiful day… IT’S OVER!!! The exams are finished, finito, finale, done! That (unfortunately) doesn’t mean all is good though, because I (Jade) have to work fulltime (all of juli!) and Elvi (you know, that tall person I often stand next to) has some exams to do this summer. But, on the bright side of things, the studying is over for now, and the weather was lovely, as you can see in our pictures! =)

We were coincidentally both wearing pastel, and (you’ll never believe it, yet, it is true) our friend Laura made us some motivational cupcakes and the color of the cupcakes exactly matched our outfits! Even our friend Lai Yan had a purple one matching her dress! Thank you Laura, they were delicious (and gorgeous)!!

Also, (don’t mean to be arrogant but I have to mention it :p) I got a new dress from my grandma. It’s from topshop and I adore it (check out the heart-shaped back)!! I got so many compliments while wearing it, even from a total stranger on the street who asked me where I bought it. ^^ So that really made my day, thanks nana!

Enjoy the sun everyone,
and if it’s not very sunny where you are right now,
we’re from Belgium so all I can say is, we understand :p Keep your hopes up!

Tall and tiny’s tiny,
and oh, tall says hello too
(Gee this post sure is quirky, maybe the exams have brainwashed me or something…)


And don’t you just love this retro photo look? =)

grandma’s wardrobe

Hi all!

Today is my grandma’s birthday! Sadly -because of the exams- I can’t celebrate it with her..
This post sends out a message: go visit your grandma and check out her wardrobe! These days
Everyone spends so much money buying retro clothes, big old-looking shirts and torn pants, but
there’s a 99% chance all of that is just lying around in a dusty cabinet at your grandma’s place! I
really like my grandma’s clothes and I have a lot of clothes that originally belonged to her or one
of my aunties. For instance, this floral shirt was hers, and I just saw it for sale online @ Nastygal
(see below). So come on everyone, go to your grandma and search those closets because there
are treasures to be found inside!!!

love, tiny

summer rain

Hi there!

This picture was taken after our exam (chinese calligraphy) last friday. We both didn’t expect it to rain, but it did.. As you can see!

Now one more exam to go this thursday and then we’re free at last!

Xx T&t

Exams and summer rain

Hi! As we’ve said before: exams = blegh… But hey, we’re trying to stay positive! It’s officially summer today (hooray!). It was great weather today but now there’s quite the thunder and rain outside and the weather people on tv say we should stay inside. But that’s no biggie, because we have to stay inside to study anyway! Don’t forget to scroll down to check out the bracelet Elvi redeemed with chic points at chictopia (yes, it was free!). Isn’t it fabulous? Check out Lulu’s, it’s the brand that gave the bracelet! And wish Jade good luck, as she still has to go out with her dog and it’s… rainy! Now where’s that adorable dog coat…?

love T&T

ps: we’ve chosen a song to cover, so you’ll hear some more music soon! After the exams! A week to go!

waiting for the sun

Hi there!

we’re still doing nothing interesting at all, just studying… 2 more weeks to go! This thursday the summer will start officially, so let’s hope there will be sun!

Now back to studying Classical Chinese,

xx T&T

Ps. what do you think of tiny’s tiny (fake) tattoo on her hip? ❤
pps: In this post I send out a special thank you to my auntie because she always gives me cool clothes like this dress and pink shirt! Thank you! – jade

cutest animal in the zoo


2 weeks ago I went to the zoo in Germany and I wanted to show you these cute little animals, called prairie dogs. Aren’t they sweet? They just eat out of your hand 🙂

Xx Tall

purple shades

Hi there!

As you can see, it’s getting colder! It shoudn’t be this way, it should be summer now!

But we have to study for 2 more weeks, so let’s hope there will be nice weather after that 🙂

Now back to study (again..)


Tall & tiny