Review – Knights of the Old Republic

Hi everyone!

So what has our blog had to offer so far? It contains lots and lots of pictures of the two of us in awesome outfits, which is nice! On this blog you can also listen to our music ofcourse which we hope you like! But still, it could have more to offer. So what are we thinking? We are thinking: youtube hair and nail tutorials, beauty product reviews, game reviews, restaurant and hotel reviews etc.. Basically, we’ll just share our experiences with you!

I (Jade) am currently trying out the crest 3D whitestrips and will let you know how they worked for me. But for now, I’m going to review a video game. It’s called ‘Knights of the Old Republic’. It’s a Star Wars game. Now, I don’t know how you feel about Star Wars. Some people (like me) are obsessed with it, when others think it’s stupid and/or boring as hell. Star Wars aside, you don’t HAVE to love Star Wars in order to love this game. So even if you’re not a fan, keep reading!

Okay, like many games, it takes a while before you really get into it. But once you do, it’s awesome! You start out on a crashing spaceship and you have to escape. This is basically a very long tutorial. Most stupid part of this tutorial is you DON’T have a lightsaber yet. You’re not even a jedi yet. So that’s a bit of a disappointment. Nevertheless, keep reading!

Once you get past this part it just gets better and better. Lightsabers in all kinds of colors, many different planets to explore, so many NPC’s to get to know and ofcourse, your quest! The fighting in the game is turn-based. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it (because I prefer hack ‘n slash games) but it’s really nice. And if you don’t like it, you can actually just unpause the game and hack ‘n slash anyway. A little harder, but it works just fine.

What do I like most about this game (apart from pink lightsabers)? I think the NPC’s and the story. You really get into this game. You can choose how you let your own character develop. Will you be a light side jedi? Or will you join the dark side sith? You also have followers with you who have their own story and who you can have quite the conversation with. Also, you can personalize everyone by letting them level up and choose upgrades, powers, attributes and skills for them.

Ofcourse, this game is a little out-dated already so don’t expect assassin’s creed-like graphics. But still, it’s really not bad! And ofcourse, if you ARE a Star Wars fan, this game is a must-play!

Below a couple more pictures, to show you guys what the game looks like, as well as a gameplay tutorial I found on youtube (in which the player really uses the turn-based system, but like I said, you don’t have to play it that way!). Enjoy, and may the force be with you!

Jedi Jade

Eep! Look at all those colors!

Together again?

Tall and tiny together in one picture? Nein! No! Nope! Bu! Nee hoor!
This picture was shot a while ago. ^^ Had you fooled there! Elvi is still in France with Laura, and so here I am without her. But no worries, I keep myself busy. ; ) I’m very happy for them! And I have my own things to look forward to (still secret though)! I’m enjoying watching movies with my boyfriend before going to sleep and reading sleazy magazines. Also, I’m playing a great game! It’s called Knights of the Old Republic, and is actually a pretty old game. But it’s so cool! And guess what? My lightsaber is pink!! That game really rocks.. Game lovers, are you here? If you are a gamer, you should try it! Sorry Elvi, you’re in France which means… Girl jedi’s with pink lightsabers on the blog! So anyway, here is our picture as well as an awesome jedi pic I found!


ps: and don’t forget to click the older posts for our music again! The quick links are here: I LIKE IT, FLIP FLOP (THE SOUND OF THE SUMMER), INSIDE THE WHALE, THE MAGIC GARDEN.

Tiny – paper passion

Hi everyone!

With Elvi off to France I’m alone now! That’s not entirely true because of course I am never really alone and I get a lot of company from my parents, my boyfriend and my pets. Nevertheless I miss her. =) I also miss Laura who is travelling together with her, as well as my other friends from Leuven who I haven’t seen in a while. And you know what I hate most? The weather is aaawesome here! But I have to work! So I see people shopping and enjoying the sun all day while I’m inside.. That sucks! And ofcourse in the weekend when I’m free it’s going to rain.. That’s just great..

But I will not bore you any longer with my patheticness! I actually have something fun to share! I read about this new perfume just now, it’s called ‘paper passion’ and it’s supposed to make you smell like books. Maybe some people think it’s just musty, but I like it! It’s also presented inside this book-shaped case, which I think is cool!

I’ll keep you guys updated on my life a little, because I might be less lonely soon… But that’s still a secret which I won’t just share yet! And no, I’m not pregnant (just so we’re clear on that: no thank you!).

Tall – Princess


A few weeks ago my parents friends gave me this amazing dress. It’s amazing how perfectly it fits! I’m totally in love with it and feel like a princess while wearing 🙂

I was so happy with it, so to thank them I cooked diner for them and my parents (and myself of course 😉 ) I made differend kinds of sushi, they all liked it a lot! So everbody’s happy 🙂 And again, Thanks Jan & Adrie for giving me this great dress!!

Check the pictures of the sushi, don’t you think it looks delicious?

Xx Tall

ps. what do you think of my cute mini suitcase? 🙂 and our cute dog? His name is (Surprise!) Jack

Chinese style

Hi there!

We’ve made an outfitpost to go with our latest song! If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen it here!

It’s a Chinese song, so we thought this look goes very well with it! We hope you like it too!

And please let us know what you think about our songs!

Here’s a list of our previous songs:

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! The weather is going to be better in Europe, HURRAY!!!


Tall & tiny

The Magic Garden

Hello everyone! What do you think of our new blog lay out? We figured with the summer time (not that the weather is any good here but whatever..) we needed a more fresh and playful look! We love it! Aside from that, we also want to present another song to you! It’s called ‘The Magic Garden’. The lyrics (which can be read on our youtube page) are in Mandarin Chinese. It’s a song about a really big garden where many animals live. When you’re there you don’t have to do anything. There’s just you, the animals and the music. And then in the evening you can go watch the sea with the animals, which is a lovely sight. You can watch the pictures Jade drew while listening, or just close your eyes and enter our magical world. : ) Anyway, we hope you enjoy it very much and wish you all a very pleasant weekend!

Lots of love from Tall and tiny


And check out the difference:

The monkey is with us

Hi there!

Greetings from a rainy Holland and Belgium!! It’s summer, but we’re wearing winterclothes at this moment 😦 Luckily enough we’ve shot some extra photos last week, when there still was a little bit of sun!

Today the winners of Marktrock were announced, too bad we weren’t one of them, but maybe another time? Or at another competition? Who knows 🙂 We’ve got a lot of new ideas and can’t wait to start with new songs! If you haven’t heard our (newest) songs, click these links to listen!

Tall and tiny – Inside the whale

Tall and tiny – Flip flop (the sound of the summer) DEMO VERSION

Tall and tiny – I like it 



Inside the Whale

Hello everyone,

like we said before, this was our first song, so it’s about time we upload it! It kind of feels like being a mom bird letting her baby bird fly off alone for the first time, haha! Hopefully it will fly well =)

Tall and tiny

Tic tock

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately we are both very busy… Elvi studying, Jade working. But we are so full of inspiration, and have so many idea’s in mind! We’re writing it all down and keep recording demo’s so these idea’s won’t be forgotten! Yesterday for instance, a new idea for an intro for our album was created. We can’t wait to record that one for real! Later on today, or tomorrow, we will be uploading another song, which was actually our very first song. It sort of feels like THE tall and tiny song because of that. =) So it’s about time we upload it, isn’t it? Our album almost has enough songs to be complete and it already has a title, which for now, remains a secret. So tic tock, we’ll just have to wait until we have the time to finish it! And also tic tock, because on monday we’ll find out if we won the competition or not, exiting!



PS: don’t forget to listen to I LIKE IT and FLIP FLOP:


Hi everyone,
Elvi came to visit me at work today with Laura which was lovely. Time went by a lot faster than usual and they even helped around a bit. =) We all stayed at my place in Antwerp and took some pictures. Do you like this one? We think it’s freaky (and we like it a lot!).

love from tiny

And don’t forget to listen to I LIKE IT and FLIP FLOP