Tic tock

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately we are both very busy… Elvi studying, Jade working. But we are so full of inspiration, and have so many idea’s in mind! We’re writing it all down and keep recording demo’s so these idea’s won’t be forgotten! Yesterday for instance, a new idea for an intro for our album was created. We can’t wait to record that one for real! Later on today, or tomorrow, we will be uploading another song, which was actually our very first song. It sort of feels like THE tall and tiny song because of that. =) So it’s about time we upload it, isn’t it? Our album almost has enough songs to be complete and it already has a title, which for now, remains a secret. So tic tock, we’ll just have to wait until we have the time to finish it! And also tic tock, because on monday we’ll find out if we won the competition or not, exiting!



PS: don’t forget to listen to I LIKE IT and FLIP FLOP:


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