The Magic Garden

Hello everyone! What do you think of our new blog lay out? We figured with the summer time (not that the weather is any good here but whatever..) we needed a more fresh and playful look! We love it! Aside from that, we also want to present another song to you! It’s called ‘The Magic Garden’. The lyrics (which can be read on our youtube page) are in Mandarin Chinese. It’s a song about a really big garden where many animals live. When you’re there you don’t have to do anything. There’s just you, the animals and the music. And then in the evening you can go watch the sea with the animals, which is a lovely sight. You can watch the pictures Jade drew while listening, or just close your eyes and enter our magical world. : ) Anyway, we hope you enjoy it very much and wish you all a very pleasant weekend!

Lots of love from Tall and tiny


And check out the difference:


One Comment on “The Magic Garden”

  1. karin says:

    Nice song! Like your chinese! The drawings are pretty 😉 !

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