Tiny – paper passion

Hi everyone!

With Elvi off to France I’m alone now! That’s not entirely true because of course I am never really alone and I get a lot of company from my parents, my boyfriend and my pets. Nevertheless I miss her. =) I also miss Laura who is travelling together with her, as well as my other friends from Leuven who I haven’t seen in a while. And you know what I hate most? The weather is aaawesome here! But I have to work! So I see people shopping and enjoying the sun all day while I’m inside.. That sucks! And ofcourse in the weekend when I’m free it’s going to rain.. That’s just great..

But I will not bore you any longer with my patheticness! I actually have something fun to share! I read about this new perfume just now, it’s called ‘paper passion’ and it’s supposed to make you smell like books. Maybe some people think it’s just musty, but I like it! It’s also presented inside this book-shaped case, which I think is cool!

I’ll keep you guys updated on my life a little, because I might be less lonely soon… But that’s still a secret which I won’t just share yet! And no, I’m not pregnant (just so we’re clear on that: no thank you!).


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