Loving the peplum

Hi there!

A very quick post to show you my latest look, I’m wearing a peplum skirt I bought about 2 years ago. I just love the peplum because it creates such a beautiful silhouet 🙂 Now I’m off to study again, tomorrow is my last exam!!

Xx Tall


ps. check out the beautiful ombre nails of our friend Lai-Yan, she did it herself! I’m going to try this too!





Black and Yellow

Hi there!

When I choose this outfit this morning I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was dressed to the name of a song: Black and Yellow. But my friend Laura was kind enough to remind me of this when she saw me when we had lunch together (this time with Lai-Yan too!). I’m still not sure if it’s a good thing though…

The top was made by my mum! I’ve got a lot of her old clothes (mostly made by herself) that she wore herself when she was around my age. I just love that I can still use her old style to mix with my own style! The funny thing is that the clothes look totally different on me, because my mum’s hair is blond and she’s got blue eyes, so you can understand that I look more like my dad, but my mum did give me my height 😉

I’ve still got some days of studying ahead of me, monday I’ll be free at last!  This was the last day of lunch with Laura, because her holiday will start tomorrow! And Jade has already left town yesterday.. The good thing is that we’ll see each other in 1,5 week at Jade’s b-dayparty! (We’ve got the best presents ever, too bad I can’t show them yet, but we’re sure Jade will love every single present!!)

Byebye for now,

Xx Tall

ps. Take a closer look at my earrings, they’re ants!


Giggly college girls

Hello everyone! Yesterday we totally behaved like giggly college girls. We had to go to an exam, and Jade’s puppy can’t be home alone yet, so Laura came over to babysit. She took a picture of us right before we left to the exam, but as you can see, the puppy kept trying to get out of Jade’s arms because she wanted to go for a walk and we couldn’t help but giggle all the time! The result: giggly pictures. ^^ Don’t forget to scroll down and see Elvi’s matching earrings and necklace, and a close up of Jade’s good luck flower tattoo (don’t squint, it’ll just look worse.. Like.. a wound or something haha), Han Solo t-shirt and pineapple earrings. Also, isn’t the monkey backpack adorable? ^^ Oh and we’re thinking of organizing a giveaway, is anyone interested in that? Let us know! You might just be the lucky one to get it!

Lots of love,
A very-tired-of-going-to-school-instead-of-having-fun Tall and tiny!

ps: Thanks Laura for watching the dogs!! xx
pps: For those of you who speak dutch: Jade is going to write some articles for Ze.nl so be sure to check them out!!

The rebel VS Alice


Quick update! Because we have an exam later on today! This picture was taken a while ago in Antwerp. Elvi is going for the grunge-look: checkered shirt, torn jeans, converse sneakers and all black, except for the lovely collar. Doesn’t she look like a rebel? Jade on the other hand, is going for the alice in wonderland look: rose-earrings, queen-card t-shirt, sweet skirt, cute socks and the nice-girl shoes. And last but not least, don’t you just love that blue sky? ^^

Wish us luck!!


Review – Crest 3D Whitestrips


Quite a while ago I started researching about Crest Whitestrips. Not that my teeth looked bad, but I love wearing red lipstick. And as any lipstick-loving lady knows: red lipstick makes your teeth look yellow… So anyway, I did some researching and I read about a lot of people who said their teeth were so sensitive because of the product that they had to stop using it. That kind of scared me, so I bought the Crest 3D whitestrips – Gentle routine. These are very gentle, and instead of leaving them on for hours you just use them 5 minutes a day.

Gentle Routine

First of all: they are very very easy to use. You just peel the strips off the packaging like you do with stickers, and you apply them on your teeth. I have to say though, that it’s not like in the commercials, where they are at work when using them, smiling all the time, as if you can’t see the strips. In reality, there is quite some drooling! Haha, however after using them a couple of times you get the hang of it more and more and it gets better. I didn’t feel any pain after the first use, so started using them for 30 minutes instead of 5. Still, no pain at all. After using 7 strips (of the total 28) I hardly saw a difference. A teensy bit maybe, but it just wasn’t worth the money.. So I returned the remaining strips and got my money (for those strips) back. Too bad, because I liked the pink packaging. ^^


Professional Effects

Again, after a lot of researching, I decided to buy the professional effects. You get 20 strips and should use one a day for 30 minutes. Again, they are easy to apply. =) I have to say, these worked so much better! And I didn’t experience any horrible pains. After a couple of days my teeth got a little sensitive, but then I just stopped using them for one or two days and the pain was gone. I’ve used 10 strips now and I stopped using them because I’m quite satisfied already. If the whitening wears off, I can use the other 10. ^^ I stopped using them about a month ago, and my teeth are still looking very good! I haven’t been drinking coffee and tea though, and keep brushing very well too. Also, I have to add, after using them for like 4 days, I went to the dentist and she said crest is a very good product for home whitening, and not that bad for your teeth. Of course bleaching is never really good, but neither is drinking soda and orange juice so… All in all, it’s a very good product!

Sadly, I don’t have any personal before-and-after pictures because I couldn’t ever get the lighting right.. But trust me, there’s a difference! I also hear it from other people, like my mom on skype going all: “Gee Jade your teeth are really white”

So yes, I recommend it!

Lots of love,

*** 11/10/2012 Update ***

It’s been quite a while now and I just wanted to say, I’m still very pleased with the results! Although, I’ve noticed, drinking coffee or tea really ruins it. So if you want to use these strips, be prepared for giving up these drinks for a while! xx

Review – Syoss Shampoo

Hi all!

There’s this dutch website I really love to read, it’s called Ze.nl. It has all kinds of stuff on there, to interest ladies: hair, make-up and nail information, recipes, articles about relationships and family and so on… This week I read THIS ARTICLE about Syoss shampoo. They said it’s almost as good as the products you can buy at hairdressers, only this is affordable. So I thought I might test it too!

The Shampoo

The first product I tested was the regular shampoo. They have all kinds, but I chose the one for long and damaged hair, because it takes a lot of work to keep my hair in good condition now that it’s becoming so long. First of all: it smells great. Like, really, great. And second of all: it feels really nice when using. You get a lot of foam out of just a little bit of shampoo. Afterwards I dried my hair with a blow dryer and my hair felt very soft and smooth. Of course, I always use a lot of conditioner too so I can’t really tell whether it’s the shampoo’s work or not..

My experience

I really like the product. It smells good, it feels good, the results are good and the price isn’t bad. The only downfall is that it’s animal tested. I just read an article on this, and appareantly, everything I use is animal tested. Getting products that aren’t isn’t that easy because they instantly cost more. But maybe I should start saving up for LUSH products. =)

The Dry Shampoo

This product seemed like something from a science fiction movie to me. A shampoo that you can just spray on dry hair and would make your hair clean again? No way that’s possible! Well, it is. I love this product because I have a pony and often my pony needs washing, but the rest of my hair doesn’t. And because I have long and fragile hair, I prefer not to wash it too often. The shampoo is easy to apply and again, smells good. But there are some negative sides to it as well..

My experience

This one is the anti-grease one. There is also an extra-volume one that I haven’t tested yet. It’s a great product because it actually does what it’s supposed to do! So yes, it’s good. However.. you’re spraying some sort of powder into the room and the result is: quite an amount of coughing -ahem-. Also, I have blonde hair, but I’ve heard that people with dark hair tend to get this white-ish glow on their hair. I also wouldn’t recommend it for using on your entire hair, because it really dries it out. Apart from that, it’s great. =) I am going to keep it in the closet, for situations like “OMG my exam is in 30 minutes and I still have to wash my hair!!”

Last but not least I want to show you guys what my hair looked like after using. After I’ve washed and dried my hair I usually put it in a ponytail. Then when I take the ponytail off about a day later, I always have this stupidlooking wave in my hair, you know? Also my hair is very very flat, especially after I’ve washed it. But after using the syoss shampoo and wearing my hair up for a day, it looked very good when I took it down again. So you see, it’s not a bad product. =)

Lots of love!

*** 08/10/2012 UPDATE ***

Well, dear readers.. I don’t know what to say except.. I might have been wrong. Does the shampoo have amazing results? Yes. But do they last? I don’t think so! At first my hair had so much volume and it felt great, but after a couple of weeks it really started to dry out. So it’s a good product for a one time use (but then what do you do with the rest of the bottle?) but not for everyday use. I cut like 5 full centimeters off this weekend!! Makes me sad but oh.. It’s so soft now. =) Love, tiny

Tall AND tiny

Hi there!

Finally another tall AND tiny picture again! We’ve been sort of separated lately because of the summer exams.. But we just had to post another together-shot. =) Hope you like it! You should take a good look at Elvi’s shoes, aren’t they pretty? ^^ The light is pretty dramatic but it was sunset when the picture was taken. : p We’ve also just decided we will be attending the Antwerp Fashion Night in September with our friends! Hopefully it will be a lot of fun! To see what it’s all about, CLICK HERE.

And don’t forget to listen to our song by clicking HERE!

mint mix & pastel pink

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!
I’m very busy with my exams, so I was happy that my friend Laura was able to make a few quick shots of my outfit today! (after eating thai food for lunch!). You can see her in the last photo, actually she has already shot a lot of our photos, so thanks a lot Laura!!

 I love all the pastel colors in my look today, I’m a total mintfreak lately (actually a bit longer than that, because 2 years ago I started painting my furniture in a minty colour as well 😉 )
About the bag, I’ve bought it 2 years ago when I was in China, can you believe I’ve NEVER used it before today? I like it so much at this moment 🙂 Well I’m off to study again, still 2 exams and 1 paper to go!

Xx Tall


a ‘tiny’ update

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update here! I wanted to show you guys the color bug again, isn’t the color nice? I used it on some parts of my hair and then went through it with my fingers to let it spread. This creates a more subtle, pastel-like color. I like it very much and I put it on yesterday morning and it’s still on! I also painted my nails in all kinds of colors, do you like it? And I just had to share these pictures of malteke and wookie! They are so damn adorable!! Anyway, off I go now.. I am going to cook a nice meal for my nice man =) Don’t you think it looks good on the recipe? I hope it will look just as good when I make it myself!! xx

Oh and CLICK HERE to listen to our new song!!

*** UPDATE ***
These are mine, what do you think? 😀 They were delicious!! Thank you Chloë for the tip 😉 x

Somewhere silent

Hi everyone,

another song upload! This was actually our second song so it’s strange that we’ve waited so long to upload it.. Anyway here it is! =) It started out as this really romantic piano tune Elvi had made, and then Jade improvised some lyrics on it and -wham- we had ourselves a song!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time. Back when we were 15 years old, we didn’t live together yet and couldn’t be with each other all the time, when of course, when you’re in love, that’s all you want! So I often imagined being together in some sort of other world in our sleep, kind of like in that movie ‘the science of sleep’, and that’s what I based the lyrics on. But then a while ago I was on the tram, listening to this song and thinking of my grandma who passed away last year and realising how the lyrics could also be about death and mourning. And so maybe, this song is just for anyone who misses somebody. =)
– Jade

Also, Elvi has done a good exam today (hooray hurah!!) and we took a picture together! Together that is!! You read it correctly. Of course she had to come check out the puppy again because it’s so damn cute!! Also a bit of a tiny i-eat-everything-you-own monster, but still adorable. ^^
Hope you enjoy the song and the picture!

Lots of love,

Tall and tiny

ps: noticed the orange color bug on Elvi’s hair?