a ‘tiny’ update

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update here! I wanted to show you guys the color bug again, isn’t the color nice? I used it on some parts of my hair and then went through it with my fingers to let it spread. This creates a more subtle, pastel-like color. I like it very much and I put it on yesterday morning and it’s still on! I also painted my nails in all kinds of colors, do you like it? And I just had to share these pictures of malteke and wookie! They are so damn adorable!! Anyway, off I go now.. I am going to cook a nice meal for my nice man =) Don’t you think it looks good on the recipe? I hope it will look just as good when I make it myself!! xx

Oh and CLICK HERE to listen to our new song!!

*** UPDATE ***
These are mine, what do you think? 😀 They were delicious!! Thank you Chloë for the tip 😉 x


One Comment on “a ‘tiny’ update”

  1. […] And don’t forget to listen to our song by clicking HERE! […]

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