Tall AND tiny

Hi there!

Finally another tall AND tiny picture again! We’ve been sort of separated lately because of the summer exams.. But we just had to post another together-shot. =) Hope you like it! You should take a good look at Elvi’s shoes, aren’t they pretty? ^^ The light is pretty dramatic but it was sunset when the picture was taken. : p We’ve also just decided we will be attending the Antwerp Fashion Night in September with our friends! Hopefully it will be a lot of fun! To see what it’s all about, CLICK HERE.

And don’t forget to listen to our song by clicking HERE!

3 Comments on “Tall AND tiny”

  1. kaat de smedt says:

    ik heb al je mailtjes gelezen; leuk dat je weer fotootjes kan posten met elvie, ik vind de achtergrond van jullie website ook heel leuk seventies vrolijk en liefelijk… het filmpje van wookie die ‘apport’ is ook prettig, dat kan ze al goed zeg!

    Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 17:52:33 +0000 To: kaat_desmedt@hotmail.com

  2. decimalshoes says:

    Love your outfit!
    Mind to follow each other?


    Decimal Shoes

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