mint mix & pastel pink

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!
I’m very busy with my exams, so I was happy that my friend Laura was able to make a few quick shots of my outfit today! (after eating thai food for lunch!). You can see her in the last photo, actually she has already shot a lot of our photos, so thanks a lot Laura!!

 I love all the pastel colors in my look today, I’m a total mintfreak lately (actually a bit longer than that, because 2 years ago I started painting my furniture in a minty colour as well 😉 )
About the bag, I’ve bought it 2 years ago when I was in China, can you believe I’ve NEVER used it before today? I like it so much at this moment 🙂 Well I’m off to study again, still 2 exams and 1 paper to go!

Xx Tall


a ‘tiny’ update

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update here! I wanted to show you guys the color bug again, isn’t the color nice? I used it on some parts of my hair and then went through it with my fingers to let it spread. This creates a more subtle, pastel-like color. I like it very much and I put it on yesterday morning and it’s still on! I also painted my nails in all kinds of colors, do you like it? And I just had to share these pictures of malteke and wookie! They are so damn adorable!! Anyway, off I go now.. I am going to cook a nice meal for my nice man =) Don’t you think it looks good on the recipe? I hope it will look just as good when I make it myself!! xx

Oh and CLICK HERE to listen to our new song!!

*** UPDATE ***
These are mine, what do you think? 😀 They were delicious!! Thank you Chloë for the tip 😉 x

Somewhere silent

Hi everyone,

another song upload! This was actually our second song so it’s strange that we’ve waited so long to upload it.. Anyway here it is! =) It started out as this really romantic piano tune Elvi had made, and then Jade improvised some lyrics on it and -wham- we had ourselves a song!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time. Back when we were 15 years old, we didn’t live together yet and couldn’t be with each other all the time, when of course, when you’re in love, that’s all you want! So I often imagined being together in some sort of other world in our sleep, kind of like in that movie ‘the science of sleep’, and that’s what I based the lyrics on. But then a while ago I was on the tram, listening to this song and thinking of my grandma who passed away last year and realising how the lyrics could also be about death and mourning. And so maybe, this song is just for anyone who misses somebody. =)
– Jade

Also, Elvi has done a good exam today (hooray hurah!!) and we took a picture together! Together that is!! You read it correctly. Of course she had to come check out the puppy again because it’s so damn cute!! Also a bit of a tiny i-eat-everything-you-own monster, but still adorable. ^^
Hope you enjoy the song and the picture!

Lots of love,

Tall and tiny

ps: noticed the orange color bug on Elvi’s hair?

Pink pony

Hi everyone,

I was just letting my dogs out and thought I’d share this outfit with you. It’s a vintage dress which I love! And I dyed my pony pink with the Kevin Murphy color bug. I’m also wearing quite cute earrings from claire’s. ^^ A perfect outfit for such a hot day! It’s really like 40° here now and I am dying! I sure hope Elvi can cool herself down, because otherwise studying is impossible! Good luck Elves!!
x jade

Tiny in fashion

Hi everyone!

I think this outfit is pretty in fashion, considering the cut out dress and the pink ombre (which is still on from yesterday and still visible but more subtle now)! What do you think? I was out with my two cutiepie dogs, there are so adorable together. ^^ The heat is too much for them though, it’s 35° here which we’re not used to in Belgium!




Review – Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug

Hi all!

Today we’re reviewing Kevin Murphy’s color bug! Elvi won 2 of each color (hooray!! thanks to and was kind enough to share it, so we could test it!

  • What is it?

This is what Kevin Murphy has to say about his product: “Wild crazy color became the new hot thing but you cant just color a models hair just because you feel like it. I wanted full on color but without the commitment!” Well that basically sums it up! You can use the color bug to instantly color parts of your hair in a very bright color and remove it easily as well. The idea is to put color on your hair in the same way as you put make-up on your face. So what is it? It’s a little cut off ball with a plastic cover on the flat side. If you remove the plastic, basically what you have is something that resembles an eye-shadow pad, with the K of Kevin engraved in the powder. As you can see below the color bug is available in three colors: pink, orange and purple:

  • How to use it

So this is what you have to do, and it’s really simple! A little tip before you start, the color stays on best when you’ve used some sort of styling mousse on your hair first. You just have to place a strand of hair on your hand or a towel and rub the color bug onto it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rub it hard (so it’s not that damaging to your hair) the color comes off easily. You can keep rubbing it until your hair has reached the color you wanted. Beware though that when you do this, the color also comes off on your hand/towel! Don’t worry it washes off easily, but don’t wear your ‘this is what I will wear today’ outfit yet, because it will be covered in color bug powder! 😉 Also, when wearing the powder in your hair it slowly comes off during the day, so after wearing it you’re shirt might be covered in it. Elvi and I tried it, and this is what Elvi’s shirt looked like… :

  • What we think

We love the color bugs! We tried the pink one and the color comes off really easily, and washed out well too. Of course that does mean it doesn’t work when walking in the rain (too bad for us Belgians eh?). It doesn’t stay on forever, but long enough. It’s not like it will be gone by the end of the night. Consider it make up for your hair! What’s great about it, is that is does not only work on light hair, but also on darker hair. Check out the pictures of Elvi below, look how bright the color is! Soon we’ll be testing the purple one on our Chinese friend Lai Yan, and we’re very curious whether it is going to have an effect or not. We will also make a video then, so you can see how we apply it. So to sum up: very easy to use, good results and let’s admit.. It’s just really cool! 😀


Hi everyone! There’s someone I’d like you to meet: Wookiee!

She’s my new maltese puppy (yes, named after star wars!). My boyfriend and I got her last sunday at the age of only 9 weeks. She’s so tiny! We think our dog malteke is already so small, but wookiee is like 1/4th of her size! She’s sleeping very well, is making a lot of progress in housebreaking and she loves to play! Her favorite person in the world is malteke, but malteke is still a little shy.. Although big moment for them this morning, when malteke was sleeping and wookiee placed her head on malteke’s tummy and malteke didn’t do anything about it. So cute!! Here’s some pictures of her (and malteke):

And PS I wish all my friends a lot of good luck with the exams!! xx Tiny