Antwerp Fashion Night

Hi everyone!

Last friday (28/09) was Antwerp Fashion Night, the first fashion night ever in Antwerp! It was about time because Antwerp is a real fashion city! We went to quite some stores and drank free champagne and cocktails, and ate free strawberries, pralines and cupcakes! In the first two pictures, we’re sitting in a shop’s window, where we were spotted by a television cameraman who took these pictures for us! Laura bought a beautiful sweater and amazing earrings, Elvi bought supercool earrings too and Jade bought earrings and a pretty necklace. Don’t forget to check out Jade’s nails, inspired by Drusilla from Buffy the vampire slayer and look at the glasses Laura got for free with her purchase! Afterwards we went to this lovely Jazz cafe called ‘Muze’ and all in all we had a great time!

Love, TNT

ps: tomorrow we will post our Lady Gaga pictures!! xx


You can scroll down now to see us in the official AFN after video at 0:50, and also watch our own personal video!

We’re back!

Hi there!

Finally we’re back together at the same place so we can make new outfit posts! We both got quite different looks this day, but they’re both fun and unusual! Check out Elvi’s beautiful lace collar with a gorgeous brooch, her braided hair and her awesome cat nails! Also scroll down to see Jade’s Star Wars skirt (thanks mom and dad, great birthday gift!), elephant necklace (Thank you Derian ^^) and rings (again, thanks sweetie!). The handbag is also new (thanks Derian, Chloë, Kiwi and Grandma!), do you like it?

School started this week and we’re not so happy about it (because we have sooo much homework already), but the good thing is that we’re together with our friends here 🙂 That really makes everything better.. We get by with a little help from our friends!

Now we’ve got to go back to school again! (till 9 o’clock in the evening..yay..)

Tall & tiny

Manicure @ McDonald’s

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was the beginning of the new schoolterm, so no spare time for us in the upcoming weeks.. Because of that we wanted to enjoy the first day without lessons, so in the morning Laura and Lai-Yan came over to Elvi’s to eat american pancakes and toasted bread with melted cheese (‘tosti’ in dutch!). It was very delicious! Unfortunately Jade wasn’t feeling very well, so she couldn’t be there 😦 After breakfast we painted our nails, we couldn’t finish it before we had to go to school, so we brought my nailpolish with us so we could do it somewhere else during lunchtime! After going to school we had small diner at McDonald’s were we could finish our nails! I made miney mouse inspired nails for Lai-Yan, mint and pink leopard print for Laura and black cats for myself 🙂 The prints weren’t my own idea, I got my pinterest board where I put all sorts of nailart inspiration so I can choose a cute print when I don’t know what to make 🙂

Today was the starting of our lessons, so Jade and I finally made a new picture together! We’ll post it tomorrow. Jade still didn’t feel very well today, so let’s hope she’ll be better soon, because we have to go to Lady Gaga this saturday!! (YAY!!!) And not to forget, this friday’s Antwerp Fashion Night. We’ll be there!!

Xx Elvi

Musical inspiration

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick post about some of my favorite songs! These are songs from my two favorite bands: Gorillaz and Cibo Matto. Of course they are a great inspiration to me! So I wanted to share. : ) Actually.. I wanted to share ALL gorillaz and Cibo Matto songs.. But I guess that’s a little too much. ; ) Maybe Elvi can post something like this too? I’d love to check out her list!


The Belgian Ardennes


Yesterday I went to the Belgian Ardennes with my boyfriend, parents, and dogs. It was great! We walked through a beautiful forest (Wookiee’s first forest walk!) and then we went to (some people say it’s the smallest city in the world!) Durbuy, which is truly lovely. We go there every year in the autumn, but now I found out it has a lot of charm in the summer too. We ate ice cream, drank mojito’s and walked around from shop to shop. There is this one big shop that sells a whole lot of antiquities ranging from beautiful lamps to amazing chairs and statues. If I ever get a new apartment, I am so getting my lamps there! We also passed a great store that sold these amazing umbrella’s. I want the red and white one! Last but not least, Derian bought me a beautiful ring. I couldn’t take a good picture of it yet (because we were in the car) but I will post one soon! I love it, just like I love him. : ) We passed this little house on the way back to the car which I have loved ever since I was a child. Don’t we look adorable in front of it? ^^ During the car journey home the dogs slept like angels. : ) It was a great day!!



Happy anniversary!


I’ve recently rediscovered my ballet flats. I’ve had them for years, but practically never worn them. Why? I’ve got no idea! I love them paired with skinny jeans. Our friend Laura bought the best flats EVER, the Marc Jacobs studded mouse ballet flats. I admire that she has been working for 2 weeks in a fruit shop just to buy these beauties! They’re totally worth it and I can’t wait to see them in real life. You can already see a pic of her new shoes below.

cute little mouses with studs!!

Normally I haven’t got the time (and will) to put my hair up in a nice hairdo. Although I love beautiful braids and I’m able to do a lot with my long hair (it’s just a bit too heavy to make curls and I need A LOT of bobbypins when I’m wearing it up), but I really have to make time to do it!

And today is a special day, it’s my parents ‘living together’ anniversary AND our dog’s birthday 🙂 My parents have been living together for 38 years by now. Quite an achievement I guess, they were already living together for 6 years when they were my age! So today I’ve baked a cake for them, a chocolate raspberry cheesecake, I used the recipe from the website, but wasn’t able to buy a prepared chocolate crumb pie crust, so instead I used chocolate chip cookies, which I crumbled and mixed with melted butter 🙂


Because there are already A LOT of Wookie and Malteke pics around here and today’s Jack’s 13th birthday he deserves a spot here too 🙂 :

jack staying at my place:

when we both were younger!

our latest pic together 🙂 Happy b-day sweetie!! Xx Elvi

I ♥ Antwerp


Today I went to this amazing second hand store called T2 -which stands for ‘think twice’- in my hometown: Antwerp. They do these great sales days every month where they count down, every day the sales get better, and the last day they sell everything for just 1 euro a piece (sweater, dress, necklace, shoes.. whatever!). I went there with my boyfriend Derian and the two dogs today, and I bought an adorable 60’s dress, a really pretty sweater, a checkered skirt (ready for the autumn!) and a big dress of which I’m going to make my puppy Wookiee a sweater! I also discovered this amazing store where they sell mad-men-like dresses which are sooo stunning but alas I can’t afford those.. Before we went home again, we ate delicious Belgian waffles! If you ever visit Belgium, you have to try one! They’re so yummy! Then we rested at home (the doggies were tired ^^). Then later on the day, we went to the ikea (which I suppose you are all familiar with..) and then to the saturn (they sell all kinds of multimedia, including video games) and the maisons du monde (which is a multicultural furniture store where my sister, me and Derian worked for a while). Then Derian and I cooked a delicious meal and had a nice evening. =) Isn’t that just what a good day should be like? ^^ Tomorrow we’re going to the Ardennes! I love being in nature and I’m very exited because it’s Wookiee’s first time in a forest!

Below you can see me holding a dress in the T2, which is the 60’s one I ended up buying and I will post an outfit picture soon. In the Ikea picture, I’m wearing the new skirt and sweater. Do you like them?


Tiny Jadie