First Romwe order!

Hi everyone, tiny here!

A while ago I discovered I instantly fell in love with simply everything they sold and it’s not expensive + they have free international shipping! So I couldn’t resist placing an order. Elvi however, warned me that their clothes are sometimes strangely shaped and a dress she ordered a while ago didn’t look good at all. Also, I read some negative things online which kind of scared me, but most reviews were positive. Now I want to make a clear statement first, which is this: Romwe is NOT giving me the clothes for free because of this blog, believe me I wish they would, but our blog is just not popular enough to get free stuff. So this is not a fake positive review in exchange for clothes!

I placed my order and then after that I quickly placed another one. The first order contained four dresses and the second one a pair of leggings. However, I decided I wanted a different pair of leggings instead so I contacted the Romwe service and they cancelled it and I could place a new order. This wasn’t easy because Asian time is so different than here, so I would mail them when it’s night there, and they would mail me when it’s night here and so on… But they provided a good service and did what they had to do. =)

Now, for the items! Below are the pictures of the dresses I ordered. I also have a picture where I’m wearing one of the dresses, the others will follow in other posts soon! The atom bomb dress is perfect. It’s exactly like I thought it would be, the fabric is very good and the colors are amazing! The big wave dress is also amazing! I was afraid it would be too short but it’s just fine. Also the fabric is very good. The blue dress is a cheaper and very thin fabric and didn’t fit perfectly, however with a belt it looks good as well. Because it was cheap I’m not complaining and with the belt it actually looks just fine! Then last but not least: the galaxy dress. They said it was long but I didn’t think it would be this long! I’d rather have it a little bit shorter, so again, with the belt, I fixed it. I can’t use a pin for it because the fabric is very fragile and see-through so the belt will have to do!

So all in all, I give the first two items 10/10 and the second two 6/10 but that’s okay because I can fix it with a belt. So I’m very happy!! The leggings still have to arrive, and when they do I’ll let you know! Also check here now and then because I will upload pictures of the other dresses soon!


* Update *

Since our statistics say a lot of people read this review, I just had to write this little update. I ordered a skirt from Romwe for Christmas, which never arrived. I contacted them about this and they refunded the skirt. So all in all, they won’t take your money away or anything, they’ll pay it back. But, when ordering from Romwe, you can wait eargerly for 2 months and then hear your package got lost in the post… So it’s always a bit of a risk, ordering from them.

Also, I wanted to say something about the quality. It can be really nice, as long a it’s in the right fabric. For example: the tight ‘big wave’ dress (which you can see above) is made from the same stretchy fabric as Romwe’s leggings, and this is great quality! However some of their dresses (like the blue one above) are made in a very plastic-like fabric, and the model just doesn’t fit the way it should, the skirt doesn’t ‘fall’ the way it should. So check the fabric before you buy.

And last but not least: keep in mind that Romwe is Asian, which means their clothes are Asian sized. If you have big boobs, or if you’re very tall, their dresses might not fit you that well.


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