Hi there,

this was my outfit when I went shopping with my mum. We had to buy new stuff for her shop, she’s got the best shop, antiques mixed with jewelry 🙂 This day we had to choose new jewelry for the winter collection. I wish I could have all those beautiful earrings!

About my outfit, I love this dark maroon colour and my mum just bought me another pair of tights and a sweater in the same colour! Thanks a lot mum! And by the way, this is a woolen dress, which was perfect for the weather at first (in the morning), but then the sun started to shine,and I was dying in my woolen dress… I had to wait till we got home so I could change in a short summerdress without those tights! Maybe after all, this dress is more suitable for winter occasions.. And I have to admit that my hat isn’t very summerproof either..

Xx Tall

ps. Check out the latest version of my friend Lai-Yan’s nails, she did this beautiful pink ombre but now added black stickers with diamonds to it!


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