Jade’s “not-yet-21-birthday-party”

Hello everyone!

I’m turning 21 soon, but I’m having a bit of a quarterlife crisis. So many things I want to achieve in my twenties, and I don’t want time to pass me by so fast! So I decided to throw a “not-yet-21-birthday-party”. I grew up in Antwerp and throughout the years made a lot of great friends, but now that I’m studying in Leuven (near Brussels) I have a lot of new friends too! So, for this party, I decided to invite all of them! The great thing was (and is): they really got along. Or at least it seemed like that haha! We had a lot of laughs, great stories, games and conversations which all makes it a night I’ll never forget. =) All these people here for me, so much love, it’s wonderful. : ) I also got so many great presents! Mostly Star Wars stuff, which I looove! Check out this adorable ‘darth vader and son’ book I got from my niece, an awesome ‘how to speak wookiee’ audio book I got from all my friends from Leuven and this amazing R2D2 skirt I got from my great friends Nele and Matthieu! Anyway.. I love you all very much and thank you so much for coming, it was amazing. : )

Jedi Jade

ps: it was a costume party (and some people were really dressed sooo funnily) and I was cleopatra, do you like my costume (and make up)? My boyfriend Derian was dressed like Indiana Jones, Rrrrr! Too bad when I started taking pictures most people already changed into casual wear again. I guess we’ll have to do the party all over then!


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