Doggie day

Hi everyone!

Me and my boyfriend really want to enjoy these 2 weeks of vacation we have, so we wanted to do something today and we did! We went walking in the park -even though it was pouring rain- which was fun but not easy! You see, our dogs were completely drenched in rain and I had to carry a soaking wet Wookiee in my coat because she was shivering. Then we warmed up in front of the stove (mom made us hot chocolate mmm yum) and then we went downtown, where my grandma took us out for some delicious food. We also cooked an amazing meal for the family, which my mom appreciated quite a bunch. ^^ This evening, Wookiee’s tail got stuck between the door and she was screaming all over the place, and Malteke took care of her. It was very sweet to see. Everything is okay again now. : ) Oh, and also, Belgium isn’t doing bad in the soccer pre selections. I know this because I hear ‘yaaaaay!’ and ‘yeeeees!’ coming from downstairs. ; ) So, all in all, a very good day!




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