I ♥ Antwerp


Today I went to this amazing second hand store called T2 -which stands for ‘think twice’- in my hometown: Antwerp. They do these great sales days every month where they count down, every day the sales get better, and the last day they sell everything for just 1 euro a piece (sweater, dress, necklace, shoes.. whatever!). I went there with my boyfriend Derian and the two dogs today, and I bought an adorable 60’s dress, a really pretty sweater, a checkered skirt (ready for the autumn!) and a big dress of which I’m going to make my puppy Wookiee a sweater! I also discovered this amazing store where they sell mad-men-like dresses which are sooo stunning but alas I can’t afford those.. Before we went home again, we ate delicious Belgian waffles! If you ever visit Belgium, you have to try one! They’re so yummy! Then we rested at home (the doggies were tired ^^). Then later on the day, we went to the ikea (which I suppose you are all familiar with..) and then to the saturn (they sell all kinds of multimedia, including video games) and the maisons du monde (which is a multicultural furniture store where my sister, me and Derian worked for a while). Then Derian and I cooked a delicious meal and had a nice evening. =) Isn’t that just what a good day should be like? ^^ Tomorrow we’re going to the Ardennes! I love being in nature and I’m very exited because it’s Wookiee’s first time in a forest!

Below you can see me holding a dress in the T2, which is the 60’s one I ended up buying and I will post an outfit picture soon. In the Ikea picture, I’m wearing the new skirt and sweater. Do you like them?


Tiny Jadie


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