Happy anniversary!


I’ve recently rediscovered my ballet flats. I’ve had them for years, but practically never worn them. Why? I’ve got no idea! I love them paired with skinny jeans. Our friend Laura bought the best flats EVER, the Marc Jacobs studded mouse ballet flats. I admire that she has been working for 2 weeks in a fruit shop just to buy these beauties! They’re totally worth it and I can’t wait to see them in real life. You can already see a pic of her new shoes below.

cute little mouses with studs!!

Normally I haven’t got the time (and will) to put my hair up in a nice hairdo. Although I love beautiful braids and I’m able to do a lot with my long hair (it’s just a bit too heavy to make curls and I need A LOT of bobbypins when I’m wearing it up), but I really have to make time to do it!

And today is a special day, it’s my parents ‘living together’ anniversary AND our dog’s birthday 🙂 My parents have been living together for 38 years by now. Quite an achievement I guess, they were already living together for 6 years when they were my age! So today I’ve baked a cake for them, a chocolate raspberry cheesecake, I used the recipe from the website, but wasn’t able to buy a prepared chocolate crumb pie crust, so instead I used chocolate chip cookies, which I crumbled and mixed with melted butter 🙂


Because there are already A LOT of Wookie and Malteke pics around here and today’s Jack’s 13th birthday he deserves a spot here too 🙂 :

jack staying at my place:

when we both were younger!

our latest pic together 🙂 Happy b-day sweetie!! Xx Elvi


3 Comments on “Happy anniversary!”

  1. karin says:

    congratulations to your mum and dad!!!!
    they are such a nice couple!
    i hope they enjoy your cake 😉

  2. Love the hair, sooo pretty!

  3. […] pearls in all kinds of cute shapes! All the presents totally match her awesome new shoes (see post: Happy Anniversary). The nail polish is exactly the same color! First we– Well, actually, first we went to class […]

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