The Belgian Ardennes


Yesterday I went to the Belgian Ardennes with my boyfriend, parents, and dogs. It was great! We walked through a beautiful forest (Wookiee’s first forest walk!) and then we went to (some people say it’s the smallest city in the world!) Durbuy, which is truly lovely. We go there every year in the autumn, but now I found out it has a lot of charm in the summer too. We ate ice cream, drank mojito’s and walked around from shop to shop. There is this one big shop that sells a whole lot of antiquities ranging from beautiful lamps to amazing chairs and statues. If I ever get a new apartment, I am so getting my lamps there! We also passed a great store that sold these amazing umbrella’s. I want the red and white one! Last but not least, Derian bought me a beautiful ring. I couldn’t take a good picture of it yet (because we were in the car) but I will post one soon! I love it, just like I love him. : ) We passed this little house on the way back to the car which I have loved ever since I was a child. Don’t we look adorable in front of it? ^^ During the car journey home the dogs slept like angels. : ) It was a great day!!




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