We’re back!

Hi there!

Finally we’re back together at the same place so we can make new outfit posts! We both got quite different looks this day, but they’re both fun and unusual! Check out Elvi’s beautiful lace collar with a gorgeous brooch, her braided hair and her awesome cat nails! Also scroll down to see Jade’s Star Wars skirt (thanks mom and dad, great birthday gift!), elephant necklace (Thank you Derian ^^) and rings (again, thanks sweetie!). The handbag is also new (thanks Derian, Chloë, Kiwi and Grandma!), do you like it?

School started this week and we’re not so happy about it (because we have sooo much homework already), but the good thing is that we’re together with our friends here 🙂 That really makes everything better.. We get by with a little help from our friends!

Now we’ve got to go back to school again! (till 9 o’clock in the evening..yay..)

Tall & tiny


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