Horrible Halloween!

BOO everyone!

We want to wish you all a horrible halloween!

To do so, we uploaded a new song today! It’s about the main character from the literary series: Where’s Waldo/ Where’s Wally (whatever you call him). One of our favorite pictures from these books is the one where he walks around in a vampire world. He always looks so happy, even though this is quite a terrible place. People are being tied up and tickled, yikes!! We felt like, maybe underneath the happy man with the striped shirt and the smile on his face, there is boy, feeling very very scared. So in our song, he is trying to get to the next page as fast as possible. But will he ever get out?

Now, before any discussions start, there is no point in going all: “the correct name is Wally!” because it depends on which country you’re from. We actually know him as Wally too, but thought Waldo sounded better for our song. : )

So enjoy our song,
and have a gruelsome halloween!

Horrible hugs and Slimey kisses,

Tall and tiny

ps: go wild on this gorillaz pumpkin carving game HERE!

Gorillaz & romance

Hi there!

This is another pic of us wearing very different styled outfits! Tall’s look was more romantic and tiny’s look was more casual / GORILLAZ. She’s a huge fan of them as you can see! She’s even wearing the special gorillaz converse sneakers! Don’t you love them? And check our earrings! They’re almost the same! 🙂

Xx Tall & tiny

Ps. remember tall’s diy galaxy print shoes tutorial?




The big wave

Hi all!

A while ago Jade bought this ‘Big Wave’ dress at Romwe.com. And as you can see, she is still loving it! You can also check it out here! The weather is suddenly all good here! It’s so weird.. It’s autumn and the leaves are turning yellow and it’s getting colder.. and then suddenly the sun comes out and it’s like 24° here! It’s such a beautiful combination: the autumn colors with the sun on them.. Also, we just had to take a picture in front of this H&M advertisement. It’s like there’s a price tag on us. ^^

We hope you enjoy the pictures and the start of the weekend!

x Tall and tiny

Love is in the air


Today another pink / minty day ^^ Let’s say love is in the air, because today is Jade & her boyfriend’s 6-years-anniversary! (So this is Tall writing to you, because they’re probably out eating some special banana dessert at the Mexican restaurant by now) And so I’ll wish them all the love in the world and hope they’ll be together as long as they live! (but I’m quite sure that won’t be a problem at all 🙂 )

About our outfits today, my pink bomberjacket was quite an eyecatcher! I got it from my mum, who got it from my aunt, so thanks a lot Jacqueline! When Jade saw me today the first thing she said was: ‘hey lollipop! Or should I say barbie?’ Then Laura said I reminded her of barbapapa and tonight her boyfriend called me ‘pinky’. Well, that’s all fine by me, I don’t mind, I love my new pink jacket 🙂

Tomorrow we will start recording our new song, it’s a song for halloween! (and it’s about Waldo, don’t know who’s Waldo? Click HERE!) And more great news, tomorrow I’m going to see Radiohead with Laura! I’m so looking forward to it!  And in december we’ll go see Muse!! (tiny doesn’t really like muse.. I still don’t get it..)

Lots of love,

Tall (and tiny <3)




Tiny painting her nails in between classes

Casual friday

Hello all!

This day we both wore quite casual outfits. That’s the thing about going to school, we love dressing up, but we do have to go to school everyday, so our outfits both have to be practical and warm enough! We have to walk a lot in between our lessons, because we have to switch buildings all the time.. And the city isn’t very heelproof, with all the small irregular stones and with all the construction works going on.. But the good thing is that we can always find another place to shoot our outfitphotos! Now it’s getting colder, so we have to take it inside, be prepared for a lot of pink wall photos in the future!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Tiny will be gaming and tall is going to a birthdayparty tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Tall & tiny

ps. what do you think of tiny’s supercool red cape / coat? She looks like a modern day red riding hood!

Pink oh pink


We just couldn’t help making another picture in front of that beautiful pink wall! It’s just so sweet, soft and warm. = ) Don’t forget to scroll down and check out Elvi’s butterfly necklace (bling bling) and Jade’s jewelry craze. We really love to accessorize! Also, we had fries for lunch (we’re in Belgium, serves us right) and they were delicious!!

Tall and tiny

Knit mania autumn

Hi everyone,

ever since this week, we really feel the atmosphere of the autumn. The leaves falling down, everything going red, yellow, brown and orange… The smell of chestnuts, the rain on them… And of course the smell of fireplaces when you walk down the street. Jade’s parents just got a new stove and it smells so cozy, and it’s so warm! In this season, Jade just has to knit. Knitting is not so much about the result of what you’ve created. It’s mostly just about the knitting itself. It’s so relaxing! And then after knitting, drinking some hot pumpkin soup… Mmmm… That’s what every autumn day should be like. : ) Unfortunately, it isn’t. We also had class today. But that’s okay because we always bring goodies with us to cheer us up. Check out Elvi’s adorable pink thermos. Isn’t it sweet? Also, we discovered a really fun game today. CLICK HERE to play it with a friend! Elvi wants to learn how to knit, and Jade wants to learn how to sew (which Elvi can do). So maybe we should do a knit-and-sew class together soon!


Tall and tiny

ps: all this autumn atmosphere is giving us a lot of inspiration for a song on the fall….


Hi all!

We took another picture at school. Do you like it? Elvi was wearing her adorable panda earrings. Jade wore her dragonfly necklace and earrings she got at Antwerp Fashion Night (check out more HERE). And Jade’s totally loving the Gaga hair ribbon, again! Also, we found ourselves in the Antwerp Fashion Night Official After Video! You can see us at 0:50! When you scroll down you can also see our own AFN video! Last but not least… We have to make something really clear.. Last time we posted a picture on chictopia.com, someone commented: “so cute! love your tights and your daughter’s purse!”. Eh…. We are NOT mother and daughter, come on,  please! : D Does Elvi look 35 or does Jade look 10? We’re 21 and 24 years old and we study together, have a band together and are great friends. But that’s it! Haha we really almost died of laughter when we read that comment!


Tall and tiny

The Wall

Hi there everyone!

Our school building has gotten a new coat this summer and the walls have all these pretty colors now. One of them is pink and -surprise surprise- we love it! So we just had to take a picture in front of it. Unfortunately it’s in a narrow hallway so we couldn’t snap our entire outfit in front of it (thanks Tall..). Still, we like the picture.And we took separate shoe pics haha! Anyway, what’s for sure is: many colorful wall pictures to come! Xx TT

ps: check out the picture below, where you can see the difference between our shoes, sizewise, OMG!

The Party


Yesterday was Laura’s birthday! And this Monday we went out to celebrate! We got her a lovely pair of earrings, a beautiful bracelet (yes, all from Elvi’s mom’s store), a bottle of nail polish and bath pearls in all kinds of cute shapes! All the presents totally match her awesome new shoes (see post: Happy Anniversary). The nail polish is exactly the same color! First we– Well, actually, first we went to class but honestly, who cares. So anyway, first we (us, Lai Yan and birthday girl Laura) went to this adorable Mexican restaurant (El Sombrero) in Jade’s street where we had such a yummy diner, cocktail and dessert (thanks Laura!). We went to this restaurant after finishing our first year of sinology here too, and took our very first Tall and tiny picture there. We’ve taken some new pictures in front of the same wall! Don’t forget to check out Jade’s R2D2 skirt which she got for her birthday (thank you Nele!!). When we were about to pay the check, Laura held all of our money together in her hands and felt all rich, which was very cute, as you can see below. ^^ After that, we went to Laura’s place where we were asked to blow up 50 balloons for her! Omg… That’s A LOT of balloons! Lai Yan taught Jade how to tie a knot in your balloon once it’s all blown up. She can do it now, but also has a very sore finger… Then more people arrived and the party got started! It was super crowded in there, but so much fun! The atmosphere was really good. : ) After some fun hours there -including present time!- we went out into the city. And so last but not least we had some drinks at the Apero, which was also very nice. Jade was all happy because they were playing all of Gorillaz’ Demon Days album there. And so, can you can see in our pictures, it was a really great evening! We hope Laura enjoyed it too, love you!!


Tall and Tiny