Lady Gaga in concert!

Hi everyone!

Saturday 29/09 we went to see lady gaga live! Our good friend Laura works for free (selling drinks) at ‘het sportpaleis’ now and then in exchange for being able to attend concerts, and this time we were lucky enough to be aloud go with her! We were very happy because we couldn’t afford the tickets and so if we wouldn’t have gone with her, we wouldn’t have been able to go at all! We did our hair and make up real nice (notice Elvi’s earrings from AFN by the way ^^) but alas we had to wear the local sponsor’s t-shirts and so couldn’t wear awesome outfits like you should at a gaga concert. The concert itself is difficult to review as a concert, because it’s more of a show. There were so many amazing costume changes (check the pictures below), a beautiful castle decor (which was fully utilised), very good dancers and a great atmosphere among the crowd. It was so awesome because we had like almost the best spot available, we were standing so close to her! And with our golden paper wrist band, we could skip in front of people at the waiting line of the toilet, which made us feel very VIP-like haha! We danced and sang along.. It was really fun!! Especially born this way, because we like that song the best (see it below) and therefore have decided to cover it!! And not just cover it.. but cover it in Chinese! So we’re currently working on that, and will let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Love, Tall and tiny


One Comment on “Lady Gaga in concert!”

  1. born this way in chinese by TNT, let’s hear it!

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