Casual friday

Hello all!

This day we both wore quite casual outfits. That’s the thing about going to school, we love dressing up, but we do have to go to school everyday, so our outfits both have to be practical and warm enough! We have to walk a lot in between our lessons, because we have to switch buildings all the time.. And the city isn’t very heelproof, with all the small irregular stones and with all the construction works going on.. But the good thing is that we can always find another place to shoot our outfitphotos! Now it’s getting colder, so we have to take it inside, be prepared for a lot of pink wall photos in the future!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Tiny will be gaming and tall is going to a birthdayparty tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Tall & tiny

ps. what do you think of tiny’s supercool red cape / coat? She looks like a modern day red riding hood!


One Comment on “Casual friday”

  1. kaat says:

    geweldige foto, roodkapje met handtas voor zichzelf ipv mandje voor oma…

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