Love is in the air


Today another pink / minty day ^^ Let’s say love is in the air, because today is Jade & her boyfriend’s 6-years-anniversary! (So this is Tall writing to you, because they’re probably out eating some special banana dessert at the Mexican restaurant by now) And so I’ll wish them all the love in the world and hope they’ll be together as long as they live! (but I’m quite sure that won’t be a problem at all 🙂 )

About our outfits today, my pink bomberjacket was quite an eyecatcher! I got it from my mum, who got it from my aunt, so thanks a lot Jacqueline! When Jade saw me today the first thing she said was: ‘hey lollipop! Or should I say barbie?’ Then Laura said I reminded her of barbapapa and tonight her boyfriend called me ‘pinky’. Well, that’s all fine by me, I don’t mind, I love my new pink jacket 🙂

Tomorrow we will start recording our new song, it’s a song for halloween! (and it’s about Waldo, don’t know who’s Waldo? Click HERE!) And more great news, tomorrow I’m going to see Radiohead with Laura! I’m so looking forward to it!  And in december we’ll go see Muse!! (tiny doesn’t really like muse.. I still don’t get it..)

Lots of love,

Tall (and tiny <3)




Tiny painting her nails in between classes


2 Comments on “Love is in the air”

  1. kaat says:

    looking forward to your new song!

  2. Leuke outfitjes en gefeliciteerd voor tiny 🙂

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