Girls and boys

Hello to all!

Today’s Chinese class was about the equality between men and woman. We had to debate about this (in Chinese, that is) and came to the conclusion that women are still not entirely equal to men in our society. The question then is: Will they ever be? Well, we know one thing for sure: We might all be treated as equals someday, but we are all very different. = ) That’s a nice concept, isn’t it? All treating each other as equals yet all being entirely different from each other and unique. Well, the two of us are clearly girls. Although.. Maybe if we were boys we’d also parade around in pink outfits.. Can’t imagine dressing normally..

We still have a lot of homework to do so we have to make this a quick post! But before we finish this post, we have to mention that Jade is thinking of buying a melodica! It’s a simple instrument, but it has such a magical sound.. scroll down to listen to Gorillaz’ live performance of ‘Tomorrow comes today’ in which Damon Albarn plays the melodica (the part at 1:17 is amazing, and the 2:19 outro wow!). Maybe it will be used in one of our next songs?


Tall and tiny


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