Goodbye weekend

Hi there!

Here’s a quick update with some ‘old’ pics. We always take a lot of pictures, but sometimes we forget to post them 🙂 Tomorrow the start of a new week, with loads of schoolwork to do.. But we’ll have a small b-day party from one of our friends tomorrow, so that’s something nice to look out to!

Have you listened to our latest song? (a cover of Sinatra’s my way, me made it ‘OUR WAY’!) Listen to it HERE!


Tall & tiny

Tall gave this cute skirt to tiny, it was too small for her, so tiny was lucky!

our vintage inspired looks, Tall’s jacket was made by her mum, her mum wore it when she was around our age! Isn’t that great?

@ school during listening class, we always have to put our earrings aside, otherwise the headphones will hurt our ears…

Tall with a friend this weekend, before going out


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