Christmas! Christmas!

Oh God…

Okay school, you can take away our free time, our sleep, even our social life, but to make us forget to wish everyone a merry Christmas goes too far!! So sorry dear readers, that we are a little late, but still: merry Christmas!! As a Christmas gift, we have uploaded some of our favorite cheer-up pictures. They’ll get you through anything! We’re kind of ridiculously busy studying for our exams, and since we’re studying in different countries, we couldn’t take a picture of us together. We haven’t even had the time to make seperate outfit photos, yikes! So wish us luck with our exams, we’ll need it!


Tall and tiny

This is so us...

This is so us…



The paradise bird is sooo awesome

The paradise bird is sooo awesome

Vacanze Romane... Love it

Vacanze Romane… Love it




Ho ho ho!

Since the holiday season is upon us we decided to dress all fancy for this post! We divided the post into two sides: the good girl side and the bad girl side. Not that difficult to figure out which is which eh? We used this photo to enter a competition @Chictopia, please oh please vote for us HERE! We also wanted to make a Christmas song! Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to make our own version so we had to download a karaoke version and sing to it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the only version we could find was this awful one, which forced us to either sing too high or too low. We thought it sounded so bad, we kept laughing while recording it. After a while we made the camera blurry, so we wouldn’t really see ourselves being stupid anymore, which actually helped. So… Well.. Basically it sucks! But still we posted it, because it’s funny and we just had to post a Christmas song. Maybe after the exams, in february, we’ll post a better version. Or maybe next year? =) Scroll all the way down to check it out! It’s really cozy here in Leuven by the way! Every street is decorated with little lights.. Jade and her boyfriend went out to get some beignets (which in English is a fritter, no?) and they were delicious! There is also a beautiful carrousel near the Town Hall which you can see below!

Happy holidays everyone!!

Kisses, Tall & tiny


ps: if you want to make our 8th day of Christmas wish come true, donate here! (and feel free to send us those Converse shoes as well)

Do you have a favorite season?

The smell of fresh cut grass in the spring,  feeling the summer sun on your skin, watching the warm colors of the autumn trees, sitting in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate in the wintertime… Which season is your favorite? xx

seizoenen met naam

Neptune Fizz


Another outfit post! Jade is wearing her H&M sweater again. She’s also wearing a hair clip from the New Look. It’s only €4! She’s also wearing a golden necklace with jade in it, which her grandpa gave to her mom. He said she could have it when she was older, and so when she was about 15 her mom gave it to her. She wears it for good luck as well as for special occassions. = ) Elvi is wearing her DIY galaxy boots and collar clips. She is also wearing a skirt she bought at the Think Twice (second hand shop) for €1. It used to be really long but she changed it and it’s really stylish now! Elvi’s jacket was made by her mom, isn’t it cute? See, creativity runs in the family. ; ) The post is called neptune fizz, because Elvi reminds Jade of space (with all the blue and purple), and it also reminds her of candy (for some reason, maybe all the bright colors?) and neptune fizz is a kind of candy so… well.. There you go! : D

xx TNT

ps: Check out the DIY for the collar clips HERE and the DIY for the galaxy boots HERE!


Elvi's DIY Galaxy boots!

Elvi’s DIY Galaxy boots!

Elvi's DIY collar clips ^^

Elvi’s DIY collar clips ^^

Elvi's mom's jacket

Elvi’s mom’s jacket

Jade's new hair clip from New Look!

Jade’s new hair clip from New Look!

Jade's Jade :)

Jade’s Jade = )

Happy sweaters

Hello all!

Because of all the school work lately we’re not as happy as usual, especially not with the exams coming up in January! Sometimes you just need to buy a piece of clothing with lots of colours to cheer you up! This is exactly what tiny did last week, she went to H&M and bought this amazing coloured sweater for only 15 euros! The great thing is that all these sweaters have different colour combinations, so there aren’t 2 sweaters with exactly the same colour combination (which is a rare thing for H&M clothing).

Tiny’s skirt is a unique piece of clothing as well, because she already got it when she was 5! She used to play a little indian in it and at that time this was a maxi skirt for her : )

Tall bought her sweater at a second hand shop for only 3 euros! A great deal, because at this moment you can find a lot of clothes with similar prints in all sorts of shops!

For those of you who’d want to shop their own happy sweater, See the collection of happy sweaters we’ve made for you!


Tall & tiny

Tall & tiny - sweaters

happy sweaters to cheer you up!

tiny - flower

tiny loves flowers in her hair

Tall & tiny's favorite happy sweaters

DIY: Sweater & Collar Clips

Hi there!

This is a diy tutorial where I explain how to make your own collar / sweater clips. I got this idea when I saw the first picture of Annika Victoria’s diy collar clips tutorial (see it here @ ‘The Pineneedle Collective). I just saw the pic on facebook and immediately thought she used old clip earrings and made collar clips from it. But then I read the tutorial and found out she made them all by herselve out of clay! Pretty cool, but I was thinking about all those great vintage clip earrings waiting for me in my mum’s shop. I just used the clips that have been lying there for a longer time, because they’re a bit too big to put on your ears, but would look great as collar clips. My mum gave them to me : ) and I also made some extra clips for her to sell as well! It’s really one of the most easy diy tutorials (it only contains 2 steps), so please read on!

collar clips
collar clips - what you need
collar clips - tutorial
collar clips - the result

I hope you like this very easy diy tutorial. I’ve made 9 different pairs by now and will definately make more! You’ll see these pretty collar clips again in our next outfit posts!


Ps. Here are some more great examples of other people wearing collar / sweater clips:

Pps. If you have any questions, or if you’ve tried this diy tutorial, please let me know! ^^

Ppp: For the Dutch girls, if you like them and you don’t want to make them by yourself, you can buy them in my mum’s shop! (prices between 7,50 and 15 euro)

sweater collar clips

(pics from: The Pineneedle Collective / Paper Doll Dresses / Handmade Reviews / Paige Joanna / Tumblr )

All I want for Christmas…

Hi everyone!

I was just browsing online (like I do) and I kept stumbling upon amazing clothes! I decided to create the perfect Christmas outfit! Unfortunately I don’t actually have any of these items but oh.. A girl can dream. =) I really love the combination of bright dark red, minty green (blue) and white. Of course (typically me) I don’t have any of these colors in my wardrobe. How can I have so many clothes and still not have these colors?? Ah well.. Do you like my outfit?
xxx Tiny

ps: if you want to know where to buy these items (to make me really jealous or something) ask away and I’ll let you know!

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.41.52

Click on the items to go to the website where you can buy them!
ballerina shoes
set of bangles
red beaded bangle
mint bracelet
hair flower
heart earrings
flowerbomb perfume
pink nail polish


A hobbit’s tale by Tall and tiny!

Since yesterday (12/12/12) was the day Peter Jackson’s new film ‘The Hobbit’ premiered, we just had to do a hobbit themed post! Alas, we didn’t have a lot of suitable clothes here in Leuven so we couldn’t perfect the look, maybe we’ll do that some other time when we can get more clothes from our homes in Antwerp and the Netherlands. Anyway, we tried our best! Jade is supposed to be some kind of modern-day hobbit. She’s even barefoot (which is so cold)! Elvi is dressed as a modern-day elf. Obviously these roles suit us just fine: a tiny hobbit and a tall elf!

We advise you all to go watch the movie! It’s not like lord of the rings because it’s funnier, calmer and slower, but then again, so is the book. It’s a really fun movie and the graphics (especially in 3D cinema) are amazing! It’s like you’re actually there! Watch the trailer below!

And of course, you should read the book too! You can buy it HERE at the bookdepository. It’s a great website really, their books are very cheap and you don’t have to pay shipping costs! They have lots of versions, but we think this cover is the prettiest. = )

We hope you enjoy the book and the movie, and of course: our picture! ; )

Tall and tiny

T&T hobbit

D&G or vintage?


Last week our friend Laura sent Elvi a text message saying, “Dolce & Gabbana have your vintage embroidered bag in their latest collection!” She just had seen the D&G advertisement in the British Vogue and that was just a couple of hours after she had seen Elvi with her bag! Coincidence? Elvi got this bag for her birthday this year (which was in april), she got it from her mum after they visited the ‘Museum of Bags and Purses’ in Amsterdam (if you’re in Amsterdam sometime you should go check it out! They have the most amazing collection of bags!). And the best thing of this story is that we think Elvi’s bag looks even better than the (very expensive) D&G version!

Which one do you like most?

Tall & tiny

ps. Jade is at this moment watching ‘The Hobbit’ in the cinema, so expect a hobbit post tomorrow!

tall & tiny (vintage embroidered D&G style bag)

vintage embroidered bag

Tall & tiny's choice
Tall & tiny’s choice van elviism met floral handbags

Winter vibe

We have a lot of work to do so again, only just enough time to do a quick outfit post! Elvi is wearing a top she got from Chictopia. She’s really happy with it, it looks great! She’s also wearing Uggs to get that real winter vibe, which obviously Jade is enjoying as well! Are you enjoying your winter outfits too?

xx Tall and tiny

ps: we’ll be shooting the rest of our video later on today, wish us luck!

Our latest outfits!

Our latest outfits!

Elvi's shirt redeemed from chictopia, thank you!

Elvi’s top was redeemed from chictopia, thank you!

The lovely open back, with her matching bra!

The lovely open back, with her matching bra!