Hi there!

Here’s another themed post and we hope you like it! How did we get this idea? Well off course we’re studying Chinese at the university of Leuven, so we’re real students ourselves. But because of Jade’s new glasses (they were the old glasses of her friend Nele) we came up with this idea of the schoolgirl / strict teacher’s look. What do you think, does tiny look more intelligent wearing glasses? We think she does (haha)!

This day we also started shooting our first music video! We won’t say which song we’re using, but we’ll give a small sneak preview of what we looked like =) We’ll keep you updated!

Lots of love,

Tall & tiny

Ps: do you have any good ideas for one of our new themed posts? Please let us know and leave a comment or send us an email!

college look - tall & tiny

jade glasses

intelligence upgrade?


beautiful hairdo’s made by Lai-Yan using ‘donuts’.


jade’s sweet butterfly brooche (she got it from her grandma ^^)

elvi film

and.. ACTION!

jade qipao

Jade wearing a beautiful Chinese qipao. She’s showing the mess we made during filming. And yes, we had to bring all that stuff back home (while it was raining)…


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