Ready, set, X-mas!

Hi everyone!

At last, finally, yes, the weekend is here! We both had another extremely tiring week due to homework and other projects such as our new music video (which is still in the making). Do you like my new ear mufflers? My boyfrie– ehh I mean Sinterklaas got them for me. It’s funny really, in Belgium, we all wait until after Sinterklaas to start celebrating Christmas and since Sinterklaas was yersterday, today, all of a sudden everybody starts putting up their Christmas trees, hanging little lights everywhere and turning on their Bing Crosby records. I also decorated my apartment today and it looks so lovely! I also bought this red glitter nail polish at the H&M for the holidays. Since it was pretty cheap I thought it wouldn’t be any good, but it actually looks lovely! Also, my boyfriend gave me a set of really cool animal rings. It’s so sweet! Check them out below! And last but not least: a pair of Rudolph earrings! Adorable!

Have you all started decorating yet?

I always wonder what Christmas is like in other countries. My uncle lives in Norway and it’s so pretty there now, just like a postcard, all snowy! On the other hand, there’s the other side of the earth: Australia. I wonder what it’s like there. One of our favorite bloggers Annika Victoria lives in Australia, and it’s like 40° there now! I wonder what Christmas must be like there… So feel free to let me know y’all!

Xx Jadie

Tiny's new ear mufflers!

Tiny’s new ear mufflers!

Pretty festive nail polish eh?

Pretty festive nail polish eh?

Each one really has their own personality =)

Each one really has it’s own personality =)

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

The monkey ornament is Jade's personal favorite!

The circus monkey ornament is Jade’s personal favorite!


3 Comments on “Ready, set, X-mas!”

  1. Simone says:

    Leuke oorwarmers en ringen!

  2. Hehheh heh. Last night I went out wearing 3 thick cardigans and I was FREEZING. Not so warm where I live right now 😉

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