D&G or vintage?


Last week our friend Laura sent Elvi a text message saying, “Dolce & Gabbana have your vintage embroidered bag in their latest collection!” She just had seen the D&G advertisement in the British Vogue and that was just a couple of hours after she had seen Elvi with her bag! Coincidence? Elvi got this bag for her birthday this year (which was in april), she got it from her mum after they visited the ‘Museum of Bags and Purses’ in Amsterdam (if you’re in Amsterdam sometime you should go check it out! They have the most amazing collection of bags!). And the best thing of this story is that we think Elvi’s bag looks even better than the (very expensive) D&G version!

Which one do you like most?

Tall & tiny

ps. Jade is at this moment watching ‘The Hobbit’ in the cinema, so expect a hobbit post tomorrow!

tall & tiny (vintage embroidered D&G style bag)

vintage embroidered bag

Tall & tiny's choice
Tall & tiny’s choice van elviism met floral handbags

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