A hobbit’s tale by Tall and tiny!

Since yesterday (12/12/12) was the day Peter Jackson’s new film ‘The Hobbit’ premiered, we just had to do a hobbit themed post! Alas, we didn’t have a lot of suitable clothes here in Leuven so we couldn’t perfect the look, maybe we’ll do that some other time when we can get more clothes from our homes in Antwerp and the Netherlands. Anyway, we tried our best! Jade is supposed to be some kind of modern-day hobbit. She’s even barefoot (which is so cold)! Elvi is dressed as a modern-day elf. Obviously these roles suit us just fine: a tiny hobbit and a tall elf!

We advise you all to go watch the movie! It’s not like lord of the rings because it’s funnier, calmer and slower, but then again, so is the book. It’s a really fun movie and the graphics (especially in 3D cinema) are amazing! It’s like you’re actually there! Watch the trailer below!

And of course, you should read the book too! You can buy it HERE at the bookdepository. It’s a great website really, their books are very cheap and you don’t have to pay shipping costs! They have lots of versions, but we think this cover is the prettiest. = )

We hope you enjoy the book and the movie, and of course: our picture! ; )

Tall and tiny

T&T hobbit


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