DIY: Sweater & Collar Clips

Hi there!

This is a diy tutorial where I explain how to make your own collar / sweater clips. I got this idea when I saw the first picture of Annika Victoria’s diy collar clips tutorial (see it here @ ‘The Pineneedle Collective). I just saw the pic on facebook and immediately thought she used old clip earrings and made collar clips from it. But then I read the tutorial and found out she made them all by herselve out of clay! Pretty cool, but I was thinking about all those great vintage clip earrings waiting for me in my mum’s shop. I just used the clips that have been lying there for a longer time, because they’re a bit too big to put on your ears, but would look great as collar clips. My mum gave them to me : ) and I also made some extra clips for her to sell as well! It’s really one of the most easy diy tutorials (it only contains 2 steps), so please read on!

collar clips
collar clips - what you need
collar clips - tutorial
collar clips - the result

I hope you like this very easy diy tutorial. I’ve made 9 different pairs by now and will definately make more! You’ll see these pretty collar clips again in our next outfit posts!


Ps. Here are some more great examples of other people wearing collar / sweater clips:

Pps. If you have any questions, or if you’ve tried this diy tutorial, please let me know! ^^

Ppp: For the Dutch girls, if you like them and you don’t want to make them by yourself, you can buy them in my mum’s shop! (prices between 7,50 and 15 euro)

sweater collar clips

(pics from: The Pineneedle Collective / Paper Doll Dresses / Handmade Reviews / Paige Joanna / Tumblr )


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