Neptune Fizz


Another outfit post! Jade is wearing her H&M sweater again. She’s also wearing a hair clip from the New Look. It’s only €4! She’s also wearing a golden necklace with jade in it, which her grandpa gave to her mom. He said she could have it when she was older, and so when she was about 15 her mom gave it to her. She wears it for good luck as well as for special occassions. = ) Elvi is wearing her DIY galaxy boots and collar clips. She is also wearing a skirt she bought at the Think Twice (second hand shop) for €1. It used to be really long but she changed it and it’s really stylish now! Elvi’s jacket was made by her mom, isn’t it cute? See, creativity runs in the family. ; ) The post is called neptune fizz, because Elvi reminds Jade of space (with all the blue and purple), and it also reminds her of candy (for some reason, maybe all the bright colors?) and neptune fizz is a kind of candy so… well.. There you go! : D

xx TNT

ps: Check out the DIY for the collar clips HERE and the DIY for the galaxy boots HERE!


Elvi's DIY Galaxy boots!

Elvi’s DIY Galaxy boots!

Elvi's DIY collar clips ^^

Elvi’s DIY collar clips ^^

Elvi's mom's jacket

Elvi’s mom’s jacket

Jade's new hair clip from New Look!

Jade’s new hair clip from New Look!

Jade's Jade :)

Jade’s Jade = )


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