comfy sweaters


Yesterday it was snowing again! And no, we don’t like it, we’ve had enough snow and we can’t wait till it’s sunny again! But the good part about the cold weather is that we can wear our favorite sweaters! For Jade that means a huge salmonpink coloured knitted sweater and for elvi a black with white ‘real dots’ sweater! And what do you think about the cute hat with the bear jade’s wearing in the 2nd pic?

We’re still very busy for school, at this moment we’re translating a part from a Chinese book into Dutch. We’re also writing an article in Chinese with lots of statistics. Glad when it’s tomorrow evening, when we’re going to celebrate our good friend Lai-Yan’s birthday! We’ve also planned a tall & tiny weekend in 2 weeks, so we can finally start rehearse our music again! (and maybe snap some more pics, who knows!)


Tall & tiny

big sweater and dots last snow


3 Comments on “comfy sweaters”

  1. kaat de smedt says:

    zooo schattig!

    Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 15:46:12 +0000 To:

  2. leanns says:

    wat leuk zeg, ik ben juist net begonnen met het leren van Chinees! Pfff, uitspraak is erg moeilijk!!

    • leuk dat je ook Chinees aan het leren bent! Het is inderdaad een moeilijke taal, het valt ons soms ook zwaar tegen! Maar als je eenmaal jezelf verstaanbaar kan maken is dat wel weer des te leuker:)

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