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As much as we love taking pictures outside, we still think it’s too cold to go outside without our coats! Yesterday it was snowing AGAIN. The winter just won’t go away and we really cannot wait till it’s warm enough to take pictures outside again! So this is another inside pic, just to show you what we were wearing today. We went to the second hand store where today everything was sold for 2 euros, and Jade bought this lovely hat! And we both bought some dresses, which you’ll probably see in one of our next posts!

Tall & tiny


trapped inside

Art for Education

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting any sooner but we’ve been pretty busy.. Last weekend we entered a competition called ‘Art for Education’ (HERE is their facebook page). The concept basically comes down to this: there is an organization called ‘Art for Nepal’ and they organize fundraisers now and then to try and help children in Nepal to get the education they deserve. This time, they turned it into a little competition where the bands have to perform in a preliminary round before going to the finals. Jade heard about the organization from a friend and we decided to enter the competition. That way we could earn some on-stage experience as well as support a good cause! We wrote a song especially for the cause, which will be uploaded very very soon, so stay tuned! We hope it inspires people to help others out.We were selected for the finals, yippie! So on the 20th of April we will be playing there again. If you’re in the neighbourhood (by which we mean you’re either in Belgium or really close to it anyway) come join us there! It’s super cozy and they serve the best mint tea! Check out some pictures of us playing below, and stay in touch because we’ll upload the new song soon!

Lots of love,

Tall and tiny

ps: if you have a facebook account please vote for us HERE. Yes, we’re obsessed with entering competitions now, apparently.

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DIY: Panda nails

Hi! Feel like having adorable panda nails? Well, now you can! Follow these easy steps below to create that cute panda look. Enjoy! xx tiny

First, apply a base coat in any color you like

First, apply a base coat in any color you like

Then, paint little white clouds over your nail like this

Then, paint little white clouds over your nail like this

Here comes the fun part! Use a very small brush to paint on the eyes, ears and nose of the panda

Here comes the fun part! Use a very small brush to paint on the eyes, ears and nose of the panda

And you're done! Don't forget to apply a top coat, so the panda gets a longer life span ; )

And you’re done! Don’t forget to apply a top coat, so the pandas get a longer life span ; )

How to panda nails

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Time Traveler

You can relax, Jade is still alive! Close call though. She had to wear quite some layers though, she looked so funny. Almost like some kind of time traveler who has come from a time where there is/was no snow. Check out a close-up of her face below, and see for yourself how wrapped up she is. ^^ Elvi wore her super Uggs to keep her warm, they sure look comfy… But seriously, it was not just snowing this morning, but the wind was also blowing so super hard that you really couldn’t see a thing. The most shocking thing about this weather is, that exactly a week ago from today, it was super sunny. In 7 days we went from 20° to -11° (68 to 12 in Fahrenheit)! To show you guys the extreme difference, scroll down and compare today’s picture with last Tuesday’s picture.

Anyway, we’re super busy with school because we have tons of homework this week. Tomorrow we have to perform a 30 minute long play in Chinese and we don’t even know our lines yet… Also, this weekend we are performing at Art For Education and we still have a lot of rehearsing to do! And last but not least, we have to translate a Chinese song by next Tuesday, and of course want to make our own version of it, but that costs time and we don’t have time! … Maybe time traveling isn’t such a bad idea?

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Icy hugs from Tall and whoever that crazy little person next to her is

Tall and tiny  DSC09124jade Tall and tiny

Blown away

By the Devils dancing on Stu’s grave how is this possible!? It’s March 12th and it’s snowing like it has never snowed before here! I just took my dogs out for a walk, and the puppy nearly disappeared, that’s how deep the snow was! No problem for her though, she just started eating it and started running around like crazy. The other dog almost froze to death though, poor thing. Seriously, this is truly abnormal. Also, I have NO shoes for this weather. I only have A. shoes with heels, B. shoes that are so flat it’s like skiing (and falling) and C. sneakers made from fabric. I have to go meet up with Elvi soon, because we’ve got a rehearsal, and after that we have to get to class. However, I don’t know if I’ll make it there. Elvi if you read this after 12 ‘o clock and I’m still not there, send out a search party for me!

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PS: At least it’s not this bad…


DIY: Pastel heart nails

how to heart nails

Would you also like to have adorable nails like these? Follow the steps below to make them yourself! Good luck!

xx Tall

Ps. We signed up for a competition to win a performance at a festival in Leuven (Belgium) and we’d really love to perform there! And for that we really need your help! All you have to do is click on this link and then click on the button ‘Stem’. You have to use your facebook account for this, and we’ve noticed that the website doesn’t work very well using google chrome, so it works best when using internet explorer or safari!
And the best news of all, if you vote for us, we will mention you in our next song! Wouldn’t that be great? Just don’t forget to write your name in a comment below, so we don’t forget you! Thanks in advance!!

First, put on a base coat in any color you like

Fold a piece of tape and cut the heart shape out

Fold a piece of tape and cut the heart shape out

Then, apply the tape to your nail and press to secure tightly

Then, apply the tape to your nail and press to secure tightly

Now paint nail polish over it, using a different color than the one you used for your base coat, and then carefully take the tape off once it's totally dry

Now paint nail polish over it, using a different color than the one you used for your base coat, and then carefully take the tape off once it’s totally dry

And tadaa!

And tadaa!

Vote Vote Vote!

Hi everyone!

We entered a competition called ‘Students on Stage’. If we win, we get to play at a really famous Belgian festival. So please vote for us! You need a facebook account to vote, and you can vote again every day. The competition runs until april 14th, so basically you could be worth about 35 votes to us!

Here is the link to the website:

Just click ‘STEM’ to vote on us!

Thank you!! Xx Tall and tiny

Students on Stage Tall and tiny

This is what the website looks like, just click the yellow button!

And since for some mysterious reason our song’s volume is super low on that website, you can always listen to it once more below!

So Chic – 1 year anniversary

Hi everyone!

Today is a very special day for us, because it’s our one year blog- and chictopia anniversary! Exactly a year ago from today, we started our blog and uploaded our very first outfit picture. This is our 157th post and we’ve already got 62 e-mail subscribers to our blog, 250 followers on chictopia, 109 likes on facebook and 3626 youtube views! It’s kind of silly though, that really, we’re a band, while most of our ‘fans’ like us because of our outfits. That’s understandable though, since most of our posts here are fashion-related. But that’s just because we don’t have time for music, because of school! We hope we’ll have more time for music soon… But back to happy, back to happy! Next saturday we are playing live for a good cause called ‘Art for Education’ and we’ve written a special song for it called Oh Oh Weyo! Elvi is Jade’s roomie for the weekend, that way there is a lot of time for rehearsing. It’s super cozy, we cook together, play music, play video games… Yesterday during the rehearsal we we’re sitting in front of the window (because that’s where the piano is) and since the window was open, everyone outside could hear us play. Then Elvi came up with the brilliant idea of taping a big paper onto the window that said “TALL AND TINY LIVE, GOOGLE US” but alas, after putting the paper up, suddenly the streets went quiet and almost nobody passed by anymore. Well, maybe we’ll have more luck tonight!

It’s been a good year for us, and we hope the next year will be great too! We’re celebrating our anniversary right now, with a lovely breakfast, mmm.. So we’re going to go back to eating that!

Before we end this post, we would also like to share some of our most popular posts with you guys!

THIS is the link to our first professional photo, taken by Wim Knapen (check out his website HERE), THIS is the link our post about Antwerp Fashion Night, which was tons of fun, HERE is the link to a funny post about of trying to have an adventurous day at school (didn’t really happen in the end..), THIS is a link to Elvi’s DIY galaxy print boots, which you should definitely try for yourself if you like galaxy prints, and last but not least, HERE you can listen to our most recent song!

Also, below are some of our favorite pictures from the past year. Let us know which one(s) you like best!

xx Lots of love, and thanks for reading our blog, we wouldn’t have come this far without you!

Tall and tiny

ps: Do you like our new blog lay-out?

Yesterday's rehearsal

Yesterday’s rehearsal

tall and tiny live

Making breakfast

Making breakfast

mmm, yum!

mmm, yum!

Editing the blog in our pyjama's ^^

Editing the blog in our pyjama’s ^^


Our very first blog photo!

1 A 8e foto 1 af foto 2ed nog 2 2 groter mooi hoor foto regen TNT freaky photo picpic 1 foto mooooi tall and tiny going outside 1 picie  springlook DSC09121

Pink ‘n Blue


Today we both wore blue and pink (well tall’s wearing pink everyday with her pink hair ^^). What do you think of Jade’s shirt? Elvi hates star wars, but she loves the shirt a lot too 🙂 It’s a funny shirt, because Jade’s puppy is called Wookiee. ^^Also take a closer look at jade’s hair, she loves to wear chopsticks in her hair and today she put an orchid in there too!

Have a lovely day!


Tall & tiny

tall and tiny DSC09132  I'd rather kiss a wookiee konplott earrings & pink hair orchid bun

Star wars, bows and pink hair a.k.a. spring is in the air!


Today we could sit outside again! We really have to enjoy the sun, because they say next week it’s going to be cold again! And we don’t like that.. Today we had a lot of classes, so we didn’t have that much time to stay outside, but we enjoyed every minute of it! And we ate our first icecream for this year! What do you all think of Elvi’s ‘new’ hair colour? It’s slightly different than the first pink colour she got, there’s more purple in it this time and she’s very happy with the result! Also check out Jade’s Gorillaz t-shirt and her Star Wars skirt below!

Tall & tiny

DSC09121 DSC09124 elvi pink hair

jade ribbon jade ladeuze

Jade's Star Wars skirt ^^

Jade’s Star Wars skirt ^^