Blown away

By the Devils dancing on Stu’s grave how is this possible!? It’s March 12th and it’s snowing like it has never snowed before here! I just took my dogs out for a walk, and the puppy nearly disappeared, that’s how deep the snow was! No problem for her though, she just started eating it and started running around like crazy. The other dog almost froze to death though, poor thing. Seriously, this is truly abnormal. Also, I have NO shoes for this weather. I only have A. shoes with heels, B. shoes that are so flat it’s like skiing (and falling) and C. sneakers made from fabric. I have to go meet up with Elvi soon, because we’ve got a rehearsal, and after that we have to get to class. However, I don’t know if I’ll make it there. Elvi if you read this after 12 ‘o clock and I’m still not there, send out a search party for me!

Oh and people, don’t forget to vote for us by clicking on the yellow ‘STEM’ button: Thank you!!


PS: At least it’s not this bad…



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