A cultural walk


Since we’re rehearsing our songs here @Antwerp this weekend, Jade wanted to show Elvi her neighborhood. She lives pretty close to three gorgeous parks, one of them which is a museum full of statues! We took some ridiculous pictures at a statue by Auguste Rodin, acting just like Chinese tourists. ^^ We also crossed ‘the bridge without a name’ which is a wibbly wobbly bridge, made by Ai Weiwei (the dogs had a good time walking, but found the bridge rather hard to cross ^^). We also spotted some very cute little geese and visited the lovely deer. And of course, ice cream! Yummm…. When we were making pizza’s, Jade broke a knife. SHE BROKE A KNIFE! Now she thinks she’s the reïncarnation of Hercules. Ah well..


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Roses are red

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? We are super duper busy lately, because we have been selected for the semi-finals of Students on Stage! Seriously, what is up with us and competitions lately… We’ll be playing next wednesday, at 4 PM @HET DEPOT in Leuven. So anyone who is in the neighborhood: come watch us play! Here is the FB-link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/177109995779269/

The weather is going up and down here. Some days it’s super warm and then sometimes it’s like -BOOM- someone turned the sun off. Ah well, when the sun is out we can take lovely pictures like this one below! Check out how Jade’s outfit is all matchy matchy. Diadem, earrings, lipstick, (temp) tatto, dress, shoes… She almost never does that!

We wish you all a happy weekend!

xx TNT

Tall and tiny tattoo for a week rose temporary temp Tall and tiny

Tall and tiny LIVE!

Hello to all!

Here are some videos of us playing live, we hope you enjoy them! Two of the songs are new ones, and hopefully we can record them decently and upload them soon! Love, TNT

TNT on Stage


A couple of weeks ago we entered a competition, organized by a charity called ‘Art For Education’ which tries to gather money to help Nepalese children go to school. We went to the finals, which were held today! We had a lot of fun! We played I like it (which you can listen to below), and two new songs which we wrote especially for the cause. One of the songs is about pollution and garbage, and the other one is basically a wake up call saying “Let’s make this world a better place!” We’ll upload them soon enough, hopefully = )

We had some nice pictures taken during our performance, which you can check out below. Oh, and before we forget! To everyone in Belgium (and maybe even the Netherlands?): the 1st of May, we are playing in the semi-finals of ‘Students on Stage’ and you should all come, because the audience decides who goes to the finals! Bring everyone you know! More info HERE!

Lots of love,

Tall and tiny

Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny

All at sea

Tip! Play this song while reading, I love it… x

Hello everyone!

Long time no see eh? You can already guess the excuse: we were too busy. However! This time it wasn’t with the ‘bored with homework’ kind of busy, it was the ‘yippie holiday’ kind! We had two weeks off, and even though we still had some work to do, we were also able to relax. I went to the Belgian coast, like I do each year, together with my family. It was super cozy! We play games, walk on the beach, ride go-karts, eat waffles, … Wookiee got unleashed for the first time and she ran so fast, we couldn’t keep up with her, not even a little bit! She’s quite amazing when she’s running on the beach.. Malteke prefers the daily walk through the streets, she’s such a sweetheart. ^^ We also bought a kite, and it is so much fun! I can’t believe we’ve never done that before.. The weather was pretty good too, considering that a week earlier it was still snowing like hell. And now, at last, the sun is up!! It’s like 20° here now and we have all been longing for that for sooo long. About time! So, now that we’re back together at school, and now that the weather is so nice, maybe we’ll have the chance to make some more pictures. ^^

Also, I have been looking for a pair of jeans dungarees (never knew it was called ‘dungarees’ in English, I had to google it, it sounds kind of Australian, doesn’t it?) since I was 14, and have now finally found a pair, I’m so happy!! After waiting for them for about 7 years, it’s very exciting to finally have them.

Check out some pictures of me @sea, as well as my dungarees (love that word now)!



ps: we have some pretty awesome news, check out our facebook if you can’t wait! If you can wait, you’ll read it here soon enough!

De Haan aan Zee De Haan aan Zee maltese dog running

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 09.40.08jeans dungarees

Take a bow

Hello all!

First of all, happy easter to all of you! We’ve got a 2-week holiday starting today and Jade is spending one week at the Belgium coast! Unfortunately it’s still very cold out here! As you can see at the pics it’s still snowing sometimes and that’s a bit weird for us at this time of the year!

I’m wearing my new moschino dress, my mum bought it for me for only 5 euros! It was second hand and the owner had just worn it once, so I’m so happy with it! The dress is a perfect match with my konplott earrings, which have lace bows in it as well. I adore this cut-out bow!

Enjoy your easterday!



konplott bow lace earrings


moschino bow dress