May the 4th be with you!


It’s only one of my absolutely super duper fantastically fabulous favorite days today! It’s international Star Wars day! Yes, that is an actual thing. Today us Star Wars fans celebrate the existence of the epic movies that are Star Wars. I’ve loved them ever since I was a kid and still watch them all the time. I’m sick. Star Wars! I’m feeling down. Star Wars! I can’t fall asleep. Star Wars! (it’s a good movie, as well as a fall-asleep-movie) I’m cheerful. Time for Star Wars! I watch it all the time. I just never get tired of those movies! I think it’s because it’s not just the movies, the world of Star Wars is so huge you can learn something new about it every day. I have the Star Wars encyclopedia, and still, there is so much I don’t know! I love that… Anyway enough with the I-love-Star-Wars spamming, just WATCH IT today will you! : D

I have my besties coming over in about 5 minutes and we’re going to watch episode V, I love that one because it’s soo romantic! Yes I’m a Star Wars fan, but also still a girl.

Below you can see me sporting the Princess Leia look, and going all ‘Peace for Alderaan’!

May the fourth be with you!

xx Jedi Jade

ps: Check out last year’s post HERE

Tall and tiny Jade Van Overmeir


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