Ready? Set? Go!

Hello, good morning to all!

The weather has been so nice here! It’s kind of becoming cloudy now, but we’ve enjoyed our time in the sun. ^^ Now that both competitions (Art for Education and Students on Stage) are over, we can focus on school again. And what better a way to get fit for studying than working out? Elvi goes running every other day, and when she’s not running she’s doing exercises for her abs. Jade is mostly doing pilates and stretching, with some funky music on, of course. You should really look for ‘Alicia Marie’ on youtube, she has some great videos, which don’t take too long but really work! Get started HERE! You can also find some very good apps if you have a tablet or a smartphone, which are very helpful to get started with. =) And check out Jade’s ‘healthy things’ Pinterest board HERE!

For all those people who want to work out but just can’t find the courage to get up and do it, we have a great hint: buy some exercise gear! We know, it sounds stupid, because of course you don’t need anything to exercise, except for your own body and a bottle of water. However, this helps, and let us explain why! There are three main reasons why this works. First reason: it’s just more fun. Going out for a run will become a wonderful occasion for you to wear your awesome running shoes. If you know you can wear your pretty sports gear, you’ll be a lot mote motivated to start working out! The second reason is very simple: you’ll feel more professional. It’s true! Jade used to do her work outs on the floor in her pyjamas. Not vert flattering… After exercising, she would just look like a sloppy tomato in big clothes. Not anymore now! She can roll out her pretty mat, put on those tight shorts and lift her weights (of which the color matches the shorts, obviously)! The third and last reason is: if you spent a lot of money buying this gear, it’ll be too much of a waste not to use it. Elvi just felt like she had to go running, otherwise those shoes would be such a waste of money! This way, she forced herself to use the shoes, and now running has not only become a habit, it has become fun!

And before we end this post, a little PS: we used this website to make ourselves, iii we’re such girls… And don’t forget to check out Jade’s bracelets, they’re from the Beyoncé collection from the H&M! Fancy fancy…

Tall and tiny

Elvi's running shoes (Nike)

Elvi’s running shoes (Nike)

H&M sport shortje

Jade’s exercise shorts (from H&M)

decathlon gewichtjes

Jade’s weights (from Decathlon)

Decathlon fitness mat

Jade’s fitness mat (from Decathlon)

elouai Tall and tiny


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