My list of awesome (tiny)


So after our last “It’s over!” post, I started to remember some nice moments from the past three years. Because right now, I’ve had it with school, but nevertheless, there are also some great memories to cherish. Here is a list describing 28 things that made the past three years awesome for me:

1. Writing my first assignment in Chinese and feeling super duper proud of it


2. When doing the dishes with my boyfriend ended up like this


3. The time we drew ourselves as pirates, went to one of our teachers and used the drawings to tell a story to her


4. The time I went to the Stephen Hawking lecture in the park


5. When Skyrim was released and I played it for a couple days straight


6. When we took our school assignment about Christmas to another level by dressing up and playing Christmas music in class while doing our lecture.


7. When we had our first girls’ night


8. The first time I got to put a Christmas tree in my own apartment


9. The time Laura’s face did this


10. The time we did our nails and mine were pac-man themed (epic)


11. The time we took our first Tall and tiny photo

Tall & tiny

12. All those times we had class in the MSI building, and always sat together the way friends do

11. 12 13

13. The time we had calligraphy class outside because the sun was shining


14. The time my hair did this


15. All the classes we’ve had with headphones, where you speak Chinese and then hear yourself talking really loud


16. That time we won all prizes at the sinology oscars, and the fact that we had such a good time shooting our movie


17. When I practiced my calligraphy on the floor with Malteke next to me


18. That time we went to an art gallery and dressed up all arty farty


19. When I went to the library to get books for my paper, and felt all smart because of it (and yes, when that crazy woman on the street yelled at me because of my dumb blondness, but let’s leave that part out, shall we?)


20. When I was really sick and my boyfriend took such good care of me, and I then fell asleep while watching Buffy (notice the books from the last picture lying on the sofa, clearly they were used effectively)


21. When my boyfriend and I got fast food and I did this


22. All the times I was studying with Malteke (Who also thought my courses were boring and regularly fell asleep on them)


23. The rare couple of times this happened


24. The fact that there was pie (mostly thanks to Lai-Yan)


25. The day we got all dressed up in fancy fashionista clothes and went to Antwerp Fashion Night for free goodies

2 1

26. The day I threw my not-yet-21-years-old party (which was awesome, thanks you guys!)

foto27. The day we got Wookiee


28. All of our rehearsals and gigs

24 Tall and tiny281415_464426006943513_1286093175_n 599062_470339119685535_548795592_n 482231_532883323431114_1049003875_n 644586_547102758675837_594503214_n 1.

To everyone who contributed to the awesomeness of these three years: thank you. Thanks mom and dad for paying for my apartment and school fees, thanks Elvi for being my awesome pal, thanks Derian for being the best boyfriend I could wish for, thanks Nele and Matthieu for always being there even though you’re far away, thanks to all my other friends and pets and teachers and so on, thank you!

Xx Jadiewady


7 Comments on “My list of awesome (tiny)”

  1. Laura says:

    Super leuk! Maakt mijn dag veel beter!

  2. Nele says:

    BFF 4evah!

  3. kaat says:

    heel leuk om te lezen en te zien; fijn dat je tussen het studeren door toch nog een leuke tijd hebt gehad en goede herinneringen hebt, waarbij van mijn kant uit ook danku alle vrienden van jade en…knap gedaan schat! mam

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