How do you say…?

Hello everyone!

When we tell someone we study Chinese, their first reaction is either “wow that’s so cool” or “you’re going to be so rich”. First of all, the rich thing? Highly unlikely for the both of us, since we aren’t interested in the business world. And now for the ‘wow cool’ part. It starts off with “Say something in chinese!” and then we quickly say anything that comes to mind, no matter how silly it is and make them go “that’s awesome” which makes us feel all proud of ourselves. Then comes the next phase: “Can you say this?” “How do you say that?” It’s like they can’t believe we actually speak Chinese, so they have to test us all the time.

“How do you say uncle in Chinese?”

“Uhh… Let me think… It’s uh… No wait it’s… Eh..”

“Geesh, you can’t even say a simple word like uncle?”

And then -BAM- away goes all the credibility of us being able to speak Chinese. Why is it that we sometimes find it hard to translate the simplest of words? Because Chinese is a very complicated language. Don’t understand what we’re trying to say? Check out the video below, and find out how to say ‘uncle’ in Chinese yourself. Good luck!


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