Ciao amici!

Everything is great here! I just rested, relaxed, went for a walk etc. It was a very nice day, and the weather is getting better and better! I wanted to dedicate this post to my favorite cafe here in Montepulciano: Caffe Poliziano. It’s gorgeous (check out the view below) and they serve the most amazing drinks, not just cocktails, also special kinds of coffee and tea. Once I drank a cup of tea there that tasted the way the zoo smells. Sounds weird, but it was good haha! I went there with my boyfriend and Wookiee today and ordered a grasshopper, which is a cocktail consisting of creamy goodness combined with mint. My friends think it’s a strange combination, but I love minty milk. ^^ I’ve always thought “If I ever open up my own cafe I’d name it Minty Milk” you never know.. ^^

Enjoy the start of summer x

Caffe PolizianoCaffe PolizianoCaffe Poliziano wookiee dog maltese puppyCaffe Poliziano Tall and tiny Jade

The Hills Are Alive…

Ciao tutti!

I have arrived in Italy! Ahh it sure is lovely here, as always… We always drive there in two days’ time. Yesterday we drove to Switserland and slept in a hotel there. It was lovely! The sight of the mountains was so pretty, and before going to bed we took a little walk with the dogs which they really enjoyed as well. I’ve also been looking for a cool simple cap that fits me (apparently a H&M XS is still too big for my head…) and finally found one in a little shop next to the highway. It has an M on it, which I think stands for Malteke, my first dog! ^^ At the end of the day I was uploading pictures for the blog with a little cup of nespresso and felt like an on-the-road-on-the-job lady, looking all grown up haha! By the way, I had a big part of my hair chopped off, you’ll see it in the pictures more clearly tomorrow!

Also, I’ve been trying to learn how to have lucid dreams. It was really cool, last night I was dreaming about a meadow (probably inspired by all the Swiss sights). I blinked and when I opened my eyes the meadow had changed. And suddenly I started to wonder: “Did the meadow just change?” and then I realized “I must be having a dream!” which was very cool. Then I looked down at my hands and they were all wrinkled. I knew I was dreaming, but alas woke up. Still, it’s a cool experience and I’m learning! Maybe I’ll have another lucid dream tonight?

I’ll upload pictures from Italy soon x
Sogni D’oro


ps: Check out the video on lucid dreaming below!

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Hair braids inspiration

Hi there!

I love my pink hair and I love it even more when it’s braided! Unfortunately I’m not able to make all these braids by myself (for instance the ‘crown braid’ you see below, my mum made it) and normally I don’t have enough time in the morning to braid my hair. But I want to braid my hair more often and now that I have vacation I should be able to do that! Here are my most favorite braids which I’m going to use for inspiration!


elvi kinki

The amazing braid Lai-Yan made, I’m almost able to make this one by myself! I especially love the different colours in my hair that time.

For more hair braids inpiration and tutorials, check out my Pinterest Board! (just click on the image below)
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Post no. 200!!!


As you can see in the title, this is our 200th post! We thought this would be a good moment to look back at some of our best outfits from the past year. We have worn colourful, crazy, cute, comfy, cool, romantic, girly and great outfits. We like to mix things as you’ve probably noticed ; ) We didn’t have a lot of sun here last year, so it was all about layers! We’re happy to end with sunny outfits (although last week felt like winter here..), but they say the weather will be better soon! Jade is leaving for Italy tomorrow, so expect some sunny posts (and hopefully more sunny pictures from Elvi after she’s back from France in august)!

And just in case you forgot we’re also a band, here’s a video of one of our live performances of “We All”, one of our latest songs!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday!


Tall & tiny

zonder jassen 1

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

1 B foto 1 picie

Our latest outfits!

Our latest outfits!

Tall & tiny - sweaters foto DSC09035 last snow in front of library springlook Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall & tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny

Little update


Remember my father’s day post? I mentioned that my sister and I had different music interests, for instance she was an Oasis fan and I was a Blur fan (who as we all know used to hate each other quite a lot). But before Blur, I was totally in love with Robbie Williams. He was my husband in The Sims! Anyway, since I said something about Liam Gallagher fighting Robbie Williams in my other post, I felt like I just had to share this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/jun/20/liam-gallagher-robbie-williams. I really don’t like that Gallagher, such an arrogant piece of work…

It’s still super hot here, yay! I’ve been wearing some really fun outfits but I have nobody to photograph them for me. My boyfriend is still studying, and I’m not going to bother him with it, obviously. But I’m going on a vacation in July and I will take pictures there and post them when I get back!

Xx Love,


ps: playing the Skyrim Legendary Edition, aaawesome!


Relaxing @llaollao


Our exams are over, yay! On top of that the weather is amazing here, it’s 34° in the shadow and the sun is out, lovely! So we went out with our two dear friends Lai-Yan and Laura, to get some ice cream at llaollao! Jade’s youngest dog Wookiee also tagged along, but -as you can see in the pictures- isn’t as big a fan of the heat as we are.

Also, check out a picture of Jade’s long hair below, because she’s going to have it cut! Bye bye long hair!

Tonight Elvi returns to the Netherlands and Jade is going for a swim with her sister. Life is good. Jade bought a vintage-style swimsuit a while ago but so far hasn’t had the chance to try it out yet, which tonight she finally can!

Yay! Again! Because… Yay!

xx TNT

Tall and tiny Tall and tinyllaollao yoghurt ice cream llaollao yoghurt ice cream

Elvi’s Fantastic Father

Today is father’s day and here’s the story why my dad is the best!

When people see me and my mum together, they don’t immediately see that we’re mother and daughter (mum = blonde + blue eyes). I’ve got my mum’s height, but the rest is all coming from dad!

My dad was my inspiration to start playing music. He plays the guitar, violin, mandoline, ukelele and sings. He’s a huge 60s music fan and plays and sings a lot of those songs. I know many songs without ever having heard the original version. We always played a lot of music together in different settings (violin + piano / violin + guitar / 2 violins / recorder + guitar / guitar + piano (+voice) etc.) and I’m very thankful to have grown up with loads of music and always having all sorts of musical instruments around to play (my dad recently bought a harp which allows me to try that too!).

The best thing is when we go to concerts together. The last father-daughter concert was the ‘The lord of the rings part 3 Live’ in Rotterdam (you watch the movie and there’s an orchestra + 3 choirs performing the Music live, it’s a-ma-zing!). When we go to a concert we always start with eating apple pie (my dad’s favorite) + coffee/ tea or we have diner.

It’s strange how we have the same interests (my dad wanted to study Music or Chinese as well!) and it’s nice that we have the same way of thinking. My dad has always taken me very seriously, whether I was 9 years old or studying music ‘for real’, he always asked me about my opinion about compositions he had written or to choose the best name for his new cd.  I couldn’t wish for a better dad!

Love you !



elvi and dad playing guitarelvi + dad violin and guitar

Dear Dad


It’s father’s day and so I’d like to look back on some awesome dad things.

First of all, he -as well as my mother- always raised me with music in the air and inspired me to make art of my own. Also my parents let me be who I want to be, and respect my decisions, which is awesome. But apart from those things, there are some specific fun things I remember about growing up with him as a dad.

My dad was already into computers back in the days computers weren’t so common yet. When I was a little kid, I was already able to play Aladdin and Lion King games on a computer, and grew up with awesome games like the Monkey Island series. For Christmas, my sister and I would always get video games and -since I’m still such a video game fan today- I really think that’s awesome. Not many kids in my class had any of those games. Sure, they all had a gameboy and played pokémon games, but I had really cool games like Tekken, Spyro, The Elder Scrolls etc, and that’s thanks to him.

Another awesome thing: when we’d go on a holiday he would teach me and my sister how to draw awesome characters (he draws really well, he was a comic book artist). After drawing them for about a couple of days, we would each set up our own camps made from napkins and such, and attack each other. Dad would always make up stories behind the fights, and decide who dies and who lives. We didn’t only draw made-up characters, we also drew people we knew, and of course my sister’s team’s princess was my sister, and my team’s princess was, well, me! At first is was just super cute, and later on (I’m talking puberty phase now) it developed into situations like “Robbie Williams can’t be killed by Liam Gallagher dad that’s not fair!”

And also, last but not least: when mom was away for a weekend, he bought me dog-shaped slippers, rented Hercules and got me and my sister a lot of tiramisu. Oh yes, that is a good memory too. Damn now I’m hungry.

Anyway, there are many good memories, but I think those three are just the best. ^^

Love you dad!


ps: love this picture haha

Back to Bangs

Hi all!

I’ve had bangs ever since I was a little girl.

Ain’t that cute? Me and my mommy. ^^ I’ve always wanted to try a hairstyle with no bangs, but because people are so used to seeing me with bangs, they always freak out when I do, kind of an “IT’S ALIIIIVE” reaction, and then I just go back to bangs (back to bangs, sounds like a new song title). When I was on skype with Elvi with my hair back, she couldn’t stop staring and kept saying my forehead was so gigantic. But, I still think it’s nice to throw the bangs back sometimes. I could never live without them for more than a day, but occasionally I think I can pull the look off. So brace yourselves! Here it comes!

Jade Tiny

So, did you fall off your chair?

Anyway, we both had an exam today, and we’re pretty sure we both passed them so yay! It’s really the final countdown now. Just a couple more days, come on!!


Frightening and Relieving


We’re still working really hard for our exams, which is so exhausting… But the end of the tunnel is getting closer! In about a week from today it’ll be over. That’s relieving as well as frightening. You see, on the one hand we want the exams to be over asap and go lie in the sun with a cocktail in our hands. But on the other hand, we want (and need) more time! We just have too many things to study! Elvi has an exam today, let’s hope it goes well! It should, because she’s been working really hard for it the last couple of days. So thumbs up for her everyone!

Check out these pictures we took a while ago. They were taken when we had to go to this ‘French Sinology’ day and attend lectures that were entirely in French. We had a whale of a time, really, it was super interesting. Considering we don’t speak French, that was sarcasm. Also, the parts that we did understand, we didn’t agree with. So it wasn’t really the bestest of days… But we attended and survived, the way we do!

xx Jade

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