Back to Bangs

Hi all!

I’ve had bangs ever since I was a little girl.

Ain’t that cute? Me and my mommy. ^^ I’ve always wanted to try a hairstyle with no bangs, but because people are so used to seeing me with bangs, they always freak out when I do, kind of an “IT’S ALIIIIVE” reaction, and then I just go back to bangs (back to bangs, sounds like a new song title). When I was on skype with Elvi with my hair back, she couldn’t stop staring and kept saying my forehead was so gigantic. But, I still think it’s nice to throw the bangs back sometimes. I could never live without them for more than a day, but occasionally I think I can pull the look off. So brace yourselves! Here it comes!

Jade Tiny

So, did you fall off your chair?

Anyway, we both had an exam today, and we’re pretty sure we both passed them so yay! It’s really the final countdown now. Just a couple more days, come on!!



One Comment on “Back to Bangs”

  1. Nele says:

    Bangs for the win!

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