Dear Dad


It’s father’s day and so I’d like to look back on some awesome dad things.

First of all, he -as well as my mother- always raised me with music in the air and inspired me to make art of my own. Also my parents let me be who I want to be, and respect my decisions, which is awesome. But apart from those things, there are some specific fun things I remember about growing up with him as a dad.

My dad was already into computers back in the days computers weren’t so common yet. When I was a little kid, I was already able to play Aladdin and Lion King games on a computer, and grew up with awesome games like the Monkey Island series. For Christmas, my sister and I would always get video games and -since I’m still such a video game fan today- I really think that’s awesome. Not many kids in my class had any of those games. Sure, they all had a gameboy and played pokémon games, but I had really cool games like Tekken, Spyro, The Elder Scrolls etc, and that’s thanks to him.

Another awesome thing: when we’d go on a holiday he would teach me and my sister how to draw awesome characters (he draws really well, he was a comic book artist). After drawing them for about a couple of days, we would each set up our own camps made from napkins and such, and attack each other. Dad would always make up stories behind the fights, and decide who dies and who lives. We didn’t only draw made-up characters, we also drew people we knew, and of course my sister’s team’s princess was my sister, and my team’s princess was, well, me! At first is was just super cute, and later on (I’m talking puberty phase now) it developed into situations like “Robbie Williams can’t be killed by Liam Gallagher dad that’s not fair!”

And also, last but not least: when mom was away for a weekend, he bought me dog-shaped slippers, rented Hercules and got me and my sister a lot of tiramisu. Oh yes, that is a good memory too. Damn now I’m hungry.

Anyway, there are many good memories, but I think those three are just the best. ^^

Love you dad!


ps: love this picture haha


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