Elvi’s Fantastic Father

Today is father’s day and here’s the story why my dad is the best!

When people see me and my mum together, they don’t immediately see that we’re mother and daughter (mum = blonde + blue eyes). I’ve got my mum’s height, but the rest is all coming from dad!

My dad was my inspiration to start playing music. He plays the guitar, violin, mandoline, ukelele and sings. He’s a huge 60s music fan and plays and sings a lot of those songs. I know many songs without ever having heard the original version. We always played a lot of music together in different settings (violin + piano / violin + guitar / 2 violins / recorder + guitar / guitar + piano (+voice) etc.) and I’m very thankful to have grown up with loads of music and always having all sorts of musical instruments around to play (my dad recently bought a harp which allows me to try that too!).

The best thing is when we go to concerts together. The last father-daughter concert was the ‘The lord of the rings part 3 Live’ in Rotterdam (you watch the movie and there’s an orchestra + 3 choirs performing the Music live, it’s a-ma-zing!). When we go to a concert we always start with eating apple pie (my dad’s favorite) + coffee/ tea or we have diner.

It’s strange how we have the same interests (my dad wanted to study Music or Chinese as well!) and it’s nice that we have the same way of thinking. My dad has always taken me very seriously, whether I was 9 years old or studying music ‘for real’, he always asked me about my opinion about compositions he had written or to choose the best name for his new cd.  I couldn’t wish for a better dad!

Love you !



elvi and dad playing guitarelvi + dad violin and guitar


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