Little update


Remember my father’s day post? I mentioned that my sister and I had different music interests, for instance she was an Oasis fan and I was a Blur fan (who as we all know used to hate each other quite a lot). But before Blur, I was totally in love with Robbie Williams. He was my husband in The Sims! Anyway, since I said something about Liam Gallagher fighting Robbie Williams in my other post, I felt like I just had to share this: I really don’t like that Gallagher, such an arrogant piece of work…

It’s still super hot here, yay! I’ve been wearing some really fun outfits but I have nobody to photograph them for me. My boyfriend is still studying, and I’m not going to bother him with it, obviously. But I’m going on a vacation in July and I will take pictures there and post them when I get back!

Xx Love,


ps: playing the Skyrim Legendary Edition, aaawesome!



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