The Hills Are Alive…

Ciao tutti!

I have arrived in Italy! Ahh it sure is lovely here, as always… We always drive there in two days’ time. Yesterday we drove to Switserland and slept in a hotel there. It was lovely! The sight of the mountains was so pretty, and before going to bed we took a little walk with the dogs which they really enjoyed as well. I’ve also been looking for a cool simple cap that fits me (apparently a H&M XS is still too big for my head…) and finally found one in a little shop next to the highway. It has an M on it, which I think stands for Malteke, my first dog! ^^ At the end of the day I was uploading pictures for the blog with a little cup of nespresso and felt like an on-the-road-on-the-job lady, looking all grown up haha! By the way, I had a big part of my hair chopped off, you’ll see it in the pictures more clearly tomorrow!

Also, I’ve been trying to learn how to have lucid dreams. It was really cool, last night I was dreaming about a meadow (probably inspired by all the Swiss sights). I blinked and when I opened my eyes the meadow had changed. And suddenly I started to wonder: “Did the meadow just change?” and then I realized “I must be having a dream!” which was very cool. Then I looked down at my hands and they were all wrinkled. I knew I was dreaming, but alas woke up. Still, it’s a cool experience and I’m learning! Maybe I’ll have another lucid dream tonight?

I’ll upload pictures from Italy soon x
Sogni D’oro


ps: Check out the video on lucid dreaming below!

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2 Comments on “The Hills Are Alive…”

  1. flowofmysoul says:

    i wish i could walk in some forest and breath fresh air 😉 no fresh air in Dubai

    regarding you lucid dream, try to stay calm and you will not wake up and always remember you control everything in your dream.

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